Online attendance of esthetician school is perfect for students who cannot get to classes in person. Sometimes they may need to work full time, be too far from a school, or they may have other commitments that keep them from being able to attend classes that are more traditional. Most state boards of cosmetology recognize online training without penalizing students, which makes this form of education very appealing. Enter your ZIP below to see what online schools are available.

Those who haven’t taken online classes before may be a little uncertain whether this is the right choice for them but along with nail tech training virtual classes can be a more than adequate way to learn. This page will give you all you need to become better informed.

Online Training Benefits for Estheticians

Being able to get esthetician certification online is easier than many students suspect it might be. At first, the idea seems a little odd since students are not attending classes with other students.

study esthetics academics online
Some of your esthetics training can be done on a laptop or tablet.

In reality, students are able to accomplish quite a lot through online training, and they’re still able to meet their other commitments. Online esthetician schools are still governed by the requirements set forth by each state’s board of cosmetology, and there are plenty of schools available that can accommodate students from every area of both Canada and the United States so you’ll need to prove that you can, in fact, remove that blackhead professionally or do a dermabrasion without causing any harm to your client.

  • Less Expensive – Since online esthetician schools have much less overhead than a brick and mortar school, they can offer their training at lower prices than traditional schools can. Students usually also have the option of using ebooks rather than traditional textbooks, which saves students quite a bit of money as well. These take up far less space, as well, and students can use these electronic textbooks anywhere. Some schools also allow students to take classes à la carte, which could allow students to take classes as they can afford to do so.
  • Attend Classes Anytime – Since the online school curriculum typically consists of videos, assigned reading, or possibly even webinars, the time constraints associated with traditional schools are not an issue. Students can work at their own pace, even if they need a little bit longer for some techniques or concepts than they do for others. Since the classes and the coursework is all online, students can log in 24 hours a day to take their lessons. This is particularly handy for students who work during the day or who must be elsewhere during regular business hours. Laser schools are another matter though, and require in-person training!
  • Multiple Methods for Learning – In a traditional school setting, students usually learn via lectures as well as by application of what they have learned. With online schools students have discussion groups, forums, ebooks, videos, and webinars. All of these different methods offer students variety as well as reinforcement for what they learn. Students can also focus more time and energy on the format that seems to work best for their own preferred methods of learning.

Practical Application of Esthetician Skills

It seems counterintuitive to learn a hands-on skill such as esthetician training online. The actual day-to-day work of an esthetician requires, of course, to apply products to clients’ skin and to interact with those clients.

Online esthetician schools understand that this might be a problem for some students, but schools accommodate for that concern. Students are able to submit portfolios in many cases to prove their understanding of specific concepts and techniques. Some schools and some boards of cosmetology do require practical training as well as online training in order to get licensed.

Some schools also have connections that allow their students to take part in internships locally, which also assists with practical application.

Esthetician Certification Online

Certification after esthetician training in an online school is not that much different than it is for students who attend a more traditional school. Students must first complete the required number of hours according to the state board of cosmetology, and then they are eligible to take the test. After the test, students learn whether they passed, and can then apply for their license.

Like traditional schools, many online esthetics schools offer practice exams to help students prepare for the real one. Students have the benefit of being able to find out right away how they did on the practice test, and to learn from any mistakes they might have made. By the time students are ready to try the exam for real, they could potentially have taken several versions of the test.

Taking esthetician courses online is a great way to get the information that students need in order to excel in their chosen field. The option to take their classroom experience online frees up time, money, and energy so that students can focus on learning what they need to know and completing the hours required for certification.

Examples of Online Schools for Skin Care Training

Wiregrass Georgia Technical CollegeMain Campus
4089 Val Tech Rd.
Valdosta 31602
unknownWiregrass has several locations in Georgia. Contact them to find out if they offer any online classes applicable to your state or province.
Aglaia#379 1917 west 4th Ave., Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7 CANADACourse are offered depending on the needs of the individual student, so costs vary.BC Canada doesn't require estheticians to be licensed, so Aglaia can offer a menu of classes suited to each particular student
Mirage Spa Education8479-B Fairbanks Street
Mission, British Columbia
V2V 3K4
$5,000Offers online courses for nail techs too. Registered trade school in BC, Canada
ASFA1 Avalon Cove,
Laguna Niguel, California 92677
Prices start at $199The course won't get you licensed as an esthetician but you will learn some associated skills

Students who are interested in taking classes for esthetician training online should research a few different schools to make sure they find one that presents the information in a way that will work for them.

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