If you’re looking for an exciting career in the as an esthetician New York is a great place to start your career. Not only does it offer many opportunities, but it also has some of the top beauty schools in the country.

The urban centers of New York are famous for fashion. While upstate, there’s plenty of spas and beauty parlors to keep even the most pampered people satisfied so there’s lots of demand for qualified professionals even in hospitals for qualified medical estheticians and oncology skin care professionals!

Buffalo, NY skyline
Buffalo, NY skyline

How Many Hours Are Required At New York Esthetician Schools?

You must be 17 years old to apply for a registered estheticians course at a state approved university or cosmetology school. It takes 600 hours of practical study to be eligible. Your course will cover topics that range from bacteriology, facial and body procedures, electricity and machines, and makeup techniques. Schools costs range from affordable to rather high!

Many cosmetology courses in New York also cover career fundamentals and job skills, which gives you a boost when you’re looking for a job after graduation.

Getting Your License

When your course is completed, your institution will submit the necessary documentumentation to the board. You must complete the rest of the application. You also need to book an appointment with a GP or free clinic for your mandatory physical. A physician or nurse practitioner needs to fill out the Health Certification of your application. After that, you are free to take your exams.

The written exam is 2.5 hours of multiple choice questions. The practical exam is designed to test your ability to perform tasks related to skin care and treatment. It’s about two hours long. Once you’ve passed both exams, you will receive your license in the mail.

Licensing Out-Of-State

New York does not have a reciprocity program for esthetician licenses. However, there is a list of states that can offer endorsement.

Check online with the New York State Board of Cosmetology. If your home state is on the list, you may be eligible for endorsement if you hold a valid esthetician license in good standing.

How To Renew Your License

New York estheticians must renew their license every four years from the date of issue. You will receive a renewal notice two months before the expiration.

There is no continuing education requirement, but there is a renewal fee that comes with the application. It is also possible to refresh or update your skills (sometimes online) with something like microblading.

Skin Care Employment in NY

New York is a fashion capital of both the country, and the world! There are plenty of career options for an ambitious skin care specialist.

Between the fashion and film industries, and the luxury spas for wealthy East-Siders, or luxury hotels for tourists, you are sure to find plenty to keep you busy, no matter what work you are interested in as a skin care specialist.

Once you have taken an additional 1000 hours of study, you are also eligible to become a licensed massage therapist. There are plenty of job opportunities in New York for someone interested in skin care and beauty!

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Bioticare Ayurveda’s Beauty Care – New York

Essencia Aesthetics Academy – Albany

Christine Valmy International School – Albany

Christine Valmy International School – New York

Elim Beauty School – Flushing

Europa School of Cosmetology – Schenectady

Gloria Francis School of Make Up Artistry – Hicksville

The Salon Professional Academy – Tonawanda

Jordan Lynn School for Appearance Enhancement – Schenectady

Nail & Skin Care Academy – JamaicaUSA Beauty School International – New York

Other New York schools for nail techs, barbers, cosmetologists and makeup artists.

Some School Websites:





Capri Cosmetology Learning Center – Nanuet, Newburgh















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