what laser training school doesn't teach
You won’t learn this as part of your laser training!

When students first hear about laser schools, they often think about science-fiction movies, in which characters wield laser-firing weapons.

In actuality, laser technician schools offer training for a specific branch of esthetician and allows graduates to become certified as cosmetic laser technicians.

This is a growing branch of esthetics that continues to show promise for those who decide to move in this direction. Get help finding a good school by using the assistant below:

What Lasers Treat

Lasers can perform a wide range of functions when applied to the skin. At specific levels, they can burn the skin, but laser technicians are trained in their proper use. Lasers are used in the field of esthetics to:

  • Remove hair
  • Perform chemical peels
  • Perform facials
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Remove tattoos
  • Perform other skin care treatments

Each of these functions uses a different style or type of laser, which is set to specific settings that allow the laser technician to control what happens with the laser. Applying specific light-sensitive products along with the laser treatment helps to provide even better results for clients.

What Students Learn at Laser Institutes

Students at laser technician schools learn about the different skin types, and how lasers react to these different skin types. They also learn how the lasers affect the skin, and what happens when different products combine with the laser light. Students also learn how to determine which wavelengths of laser light will produce the results that their clients desire. Some specifics about what students will learn in classes:

  • Hair growth cycles
  • Types of lasers
  • Specifics about laser safety and operation
  • Skin typing
  • Laser/skin interaction
  • Contraindications to laser treatment

What to Expect from Laser Schools

Students who hope to become certified as laser technicians should expect the school that they choose to be up-to-date on the latest equipment and techniques. Laser technology is a field that continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and schools offering training should adapt with each new evolution.

Laser tech school programs are typically short, and are an adjunct to esthetician training. The courses allow students to qualify to successfully take the certification exam, which then leads to the licensing that allows the esthetician to perform laser services, sometimes in a medical setting. The school may also provide help with the laser technician certification exam before students become certified. Note that holistic esthetician schools usually don’t teach laser use.


Employment Futures for Laser Technicians

According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, laser technician jobs are expected to grow up to 38 percent in coming years. The outlook in terms of employment is highly favorable, and the demand for personal care services overall is on the rise as well. Students who choose to go into laser technician training programs can parlay that skill into several different services that will appeal to potential clients.

Laser training is an exciting way to add additional skills to an esthetician’s stock in trade. With a small time commitment, and some extra cost, students can find that their prospective employment options grow significantly, and they may find that their client base grows more rapidly than that of fellow students who choose not to pursue such an advanced therapy and treatment option.