Some folks stay on the fence about going to cosmetology school for years, literally. They hem and they haw, wondering, “Should I go to cosmetology school?” and what it can do for them. The reality is that there are lots of reasons that going to school for cosmetology makes a whole lot of sense. Enter your ZIP below to find a good school near you, or scroll down to keep reading.

career crossroads with beauty training as a choice

1. Cosmetology Is a Growing Field

People are always going to want to find a professional who can help them to look – and feel – their best. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the demand for cosmetologists has increased over the past decade, and that demand is going to keep increasing no matter what state you are in, be it Indiana or NY. The BLS estimates that jobs in the cosmetology field are going to keep booming even through 2018 and beyond. That means that cosmetology is not one of those fields where you have to worry about job security. The sky is the limit for you.

2. You Get Working More Quickly

When you go to cosmetology school, you have a lot of choices, and that gives you a way to get yourself working faster. When folks go into other professions, they often have to go through extensive training for years, amassing mountains of student loan debt, only to find that there aren’t any jobs available by the time they graduate. You don’t have that problem with cosmetology – usually the cost is relatively low due to the short program length. Since the field is growing by leaps and bounds, once you’ve completed your requirements, you can hit the ground running. And in some areas you can even start your training in high school.

3. You Learn Best Practices

Sure, you learned how to put on your own makeup in your teens. You and your friends experimented, and you love trying new tricks you learn in magazines and from YouTube. But are you learning the right techniques? And are you up to speed on proper sanitation? Cosmetology school teaches you the right way to do everything from foundation makeup right on up to mascara and the most complex hairstyles – no guessing and trial and error. That’s important for you, but even more important for your clients.

4. You Have Flexibility

When you decide to go to cosmetology school, you have all sorts of options if traditional school during the day does not fit your lifestyle. Cosmetology schools offer far more flexibility. You can attend day classes, evening classes, or even online classes. Each type of program is still geared toward making sure that you’re fully prepared for the exams you’ll have to take, and you get a comprehensive education around your life and schedule.

5. Plenty of Networking Opportunities

Going to cosmetology school means that you get to meet other folks who are just as passionate about your profession as you are. Not only will you get to learn with them, but your instructors are awesome contacts as you start your new career. As you continue learning, you’ll meet other professionals in your area who are going to be colleagues and friends for the entire span of your career. As you grow and learn, you keep building that network of contacts in your field, which is invaluable.

6. Further Your Understanding of Your Own Hair and Skin

No matter how much you know, or think you know, about your own skin and hair, there is always something else that you can learn. Cosmetology school teaches you how to make the most of what you’ve got, but it also teaches you how your skin and hair work, ailments that might affect either, and how to take care of your skin and hair. Most importantly, you understand how to do all of that for your clients, too. Your clients benefit from your depth of knowledge.

7. Learn About More Than Just Hair and Makeup

Cosmetology school teaches you the best way to handle skincare, hair care, and all the other aspects of cosmetology. But it also helps to teach you how to run a business and how to market your services. You learn the best way to deal with your new business, rather than learning through trial and error on your own. Instead of having to burn time, energy, and money learning how to listen to your clients, cosmetology school puts you on the fast track.

8. There’s More to it Than You Think

carrying school booksA lot of people look at cosmetology school and think, “Yeah, okay. So you learn how to cut hair, color it, and put on makeup. Big deal.” But there’s a lot more to cosmetology school than most people think. You learn about how the entire musculature of the body works, how your skin works from the bottom to the top, and how product affect both skin and hair. But even that isn’t all of it. Don’t think you’ll be avoiding math and science, because those all feature strongly in the curriculum.

9. Express Your Artistic Leanings

Admit it. Part of why you want to go into cosmetology is because you’re a bit of an artist. And when you go to cosmetology school, you get to let that artist out to play. Each new client is a fresh canvas for you to embellish and adorn. Some clients have their own ideas for how they should look, of course, but it’s your job to recreate that look for them. And you can do that with your own flair and personal touch. Some clients don’t even know what they want, and that’s where you really get to let your inner artist shine.

10. Make People Feel Good About Themselves

One of the best things about going into a cosmetology career is that it gives you the chance to help people look their best and feel fantastic about themselves. And you can do that all day, every day. The warm fuzzy feelings that come back to you from that are mind blowing, and you get paid to do what you love! No matter what, you’re making a difference in people’s lives, and that is incredibly rewarding on so many levels.

So what are you waiting for? Since it makes all the sense in the world to get yourself into cosmetology school, now is the perfect time. Find the right school for you with the perfect hours and get started on the career of your dreams. Find places you can train to be a cosmetologist in your state using the form below:

5 Ways Getting a Beauty Treatment Makes Clients Feel Good

1. Genuine Compliments - for example "You look great!"2. Touch - when getting hair done, a manicure, facial massage…3. Listening - A good beauty professional needs to hear what the client wants.4. Smiles - a good cosmetologist will greet clients with a smile.5. Pampering - of course
After a beauty treatment a person looks better and is more likely to receive compliments.Gentle touch helps people feel valued and connected. It's a primal thing.Listening and trying to do what the client wants shows respect and that you understand them.If it is a good heartfelt smile the person on the receiving end can feel it… and it feels good!It feels awesome to have someone actively looking after you and trying their best to make you feel good.