career crossroads with beauty training as a choiceCosmetology college can be a great career path for anyone who enjoys styling and making people happy. We want to encourage you to follow your dreams and start studying to become a cosmetologist. If you’re still debating whether cosmetology classes are suitable for you or not, we have compiled ten reasons why we think you should go.

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1. The Joy of Expressing Yourself Artistically Every Day

As a cosmetologist, you’ll be able to use your artistic ability daily to express yourself. Only a few other professions allow you to do this while still making a paycheck.

If you love different art forms, beauty, hair, and makeup, you’ll love your job as a cosmetologist. After all, you won’t find another job that allows you to learn about new beauty techniques, the best products and gives you the freedom to practice them as you see fit.

2. Faster Career Choice

Furthermore, cosmetology can be a faster career choice. Other career paths take years of studying, student loans, internships, and work experience. As a cosmetologist, you will be able to enter the workforce much quicker than people who choose to take the traditional college route. This is the same for most countries including Canada.

You’ll be able to get qualified in a fraction of the time and for less of the cost than a regular college student (zero cost if you start in high school). However, it’s important to research which program you want to enter, as not every program offers the same curriculum or financial pricing.

3. Always in Demand

You’ll never have to worry about not having a job in cosmetology. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there has been an increasing demand in the last decade for more cosmetologists all the way from NY to LA. Thus, making it easier for you to land an excellent job.

If you don’t want to work at a traditional hair salon, don’t worry, as you can also become a freelance stylist and run your own business.

4. Learn More Than Hair and Makeup

Many people believe that being a cosmetologist means you’ll only be studying hair and makeup. Yes, you will have to learn the basics of hair and makeup, but you’ll also learn how to do much more than that.

You’ll learn about the top-of-the-line products; there will be classes on how to style hair, skincare, nail design, and more. In addition, you’ll be taught the latest styling techniques and even have the chance to show your fellow students a few of your own tips or tricks.

Cosmetology school will also teach you how to develop life skills that you can use in other aspects of your life. For example, you’ll learn patience, professionalism, and dedication to your clientele.

5. Build Your Own Schedule

As a professional stylist, you can easily tailor your schedule to your liking. In other words, you don’t have to follow the regular working hours. Instead, book clients early or later in the day so you can enjoy the rest of your time off. This benefits people who need to focus on other aspects of their life, such as family or children, schooling, or even another job.

6. Chance of Meeting Celebrities

carrying beautician school booksDepending on where you’re planning to work, sometimes you’ll have the chance to work for celebrities. As a result, many stylists go into cosmetology with the dream of working in the entertainment and fashion world.

If you study and master all the information presented in cosmetology school, there’s a chance of landing a job in that industry. You’ll work with high-end clients and even meet some of your favorite celebrities.

7. Build a Clientele

As a stylist, you’ll be able to expand your horizons by building a consistent clientele. While starting out, you may not make as much money. However, once you establish yourself, you’ll be able to have a consistent flow of work for the same clients.

Your income will reflect how much work you put in and how many people you schedule. If you’re hard-working and willing to put in the time, you’ll easily get a following that will be with you for years to come.

8. Possible Commissions

Not only will you be getting a cosmetologist’s salary, but you also have the chance to sell products to your clients and get paid a commission. Many companies are looking for stylists to help them expand their sales and attract new customers. You’ll be able to offer your clients high-quality products they can’t find anywhere else.

9. Become an Entrepreneur

Once you get your certification, whether online or not, you’ll be free to work whenever and however much you want. If you prefer to work on weekends, early in the morning, or late at night, you’ll be able to make that choice. You have the option to become a business owner and freelance your work, scheduling your appointments.

10. If You Enjoy Talking to People

You’ll have the opportunity to talk to your clients and get to know them. Many people overlook the joy of being able to connect with their clients on a personal level. If you enjoy talking to interesting people, you’ll really love working as a cosmetologist.

Every day, you will meet new people with different stories as you do your daily work. And sometimes, you might even be able to make a new friend along the way.

5 Ways Getting a Beauty Treatment Makes Clients Feel Good

1. Genuine Compliments - for example "You look great!"2. Touch - when getting hair done, a manicure, facial massage…3. Listening - A good beauty professional needs to hear what the client wants.4. Smiles - a good cosmetologist will greet clients with a smile. 5. Pampering - of course
After a beauty treatment a person looks better and is more likely to receive compliments.Gentle touch helps people feel valued and connected. It's a primal thing.Listening and trying to do what the client wants shows respect and that you understand them.If it is a good heartfelt smile the person on the receiving end can feel it… and it feels good!It feels awesome to have someone actively looking after you and trying their best to make you feel good.


So, have we convinced you to want to start your journey to becoming a licensed stylist? If you’re interested in setting your own schedule, getting your degree faster, spending less time and money on schooling, and becoming an established stylist with their own following, then cosmetology school is right for you.

There are so many good reasons why we recommend cosmetology classes — more pros than cons; we hope you’ll be able to make an informed decision.