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How Much is Esthetician School? A lot less in 1946!

One of the main concerns with any higher education is how to pay for it!

Students who wish to attend esthetician school should make sure they understand exactly how much their school of choice costs (short answer is anywhere between $4,000 and $18,000), and what those fees cover.

Even if students wish to attend a school that is slightly out of their budget, it helps to remember that there are additional methods to help pay for those courses. Use the form below for help in getting cost info from different schools.

Esthetician School Tuition

Tuition for esthetician school varies depending on a variety of factors. Private institutions often cost more that community colleges. Also, if the school offers online training that can make a difference.

Beauty colleges and high profile beauty schools are likely to be the most expensive, ranging from $10,000 and up. Students should look closely at tuition costs and the breakdown offered by the school, so that they understand exactly what they’re paying for when they sign up.

For example: Empire Beauty School in Flagstaff, AZ charge $16,100 for tuition + $1,681 for books and supplies.

School NameTuition CostBooks, Kit, and SuppliesRegistration and other feesTotal
Example School A
Rocky River, Ohio
600 hours
Esthetics Academy B
Costa Mesa, California
600 hours
Beauty Institute C
Greensboro, NC
600 hours
Vocational College D
Boston, Massachusetts
600 hours
$8,750included in tuitionincluded in tuition$8,750
Example College E
Knoxville, Tennessee
750 hours

Note that often holistic skin care schools can be more expensive.

Esthetician School Expenses

Often excluded from tuition totals are the amounts that students need to pay out of pocket for textbooks and other materials that they need in order to complete their coursework. Some schools may list this information, but not all do. It’s important for students to consider that amount when calculating the cost of esthetician school.

Textbooks can cost several hundred dollars. Some schools use their own instructional manuals, for which the fees are often included within the tuition amounts. Other expenses to consider include products and materials needed for practical assignments, such as practicing facials on clients, massage oils, or aromatherapy treatments.

If the school does not list these types of expenses, students should ask whether or not they will need to purchase additional materials. Some schools also offer premade kits that include the products that are needed for the classes. Find out all about different schools in your area by entering your ZIP below:

Paying for Esthetician School

beauty school loan application
Some of the paperwork you’ll need to fill out.

Sometimes students think that because they are attending a beauty or vocational school, they must pay for their tuition completely on their own. The reality is that there is financial aid available for all sorts of programs. Esthetician school cost can be expensive. However, with a little bit of legwork, students can find the help that they need.

Paying in Full – Paying for tuition in full is ideal, of course, but it is not always feasible. If students are unable to locate financial aid options, some schools may offer payment plans to help relieve the pressure of paying for classes (in laser schools, for instance) in one lump sum.

Scholarships – Scholarships are granted by schools themselves and professional organizations. They have different requirements, and may offer to cover a percentage of the tuition or the full amount. Students do not have to repay scholarships (yay!).

Grants – Grants can also be offered by schools or professional organizations related to esthetics, and they do not need to be repaid either. Grants typically have a more stringent application process. They may also require that students meet specific criteria or submit specific results.

Loans – Loans must be repaid, and students can obtain loans from either personal sources or from banks. Educational loans may be subject to different repayment terms than personal loans. Students should be sure they understand those payment requirements before signing any paperwork.

Type of Financial AidWhere to Look
ScholarshipsProfessional organizations
GrantsProfessional organizations
Federal/National financial aid
State/Provincial financial aid
Private Financial AidProfessional organizations
Private loans
Federal/National financial aid loans
State/Provincial financial aid loans

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