You are in luck if you want to be a barber in the state of NY! Many states, like California, have a minimum number of hours you need to go to school before you can get tested and get your license. New York has no minimum, so schools generally offer short programs and so you can save money on tuition! Find out how it all works below…

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How Long is the Program at Barbering Schools in NY?

As mentioned New York is one of a few states that allows schools to determine the classes they offer and the length of program. So, there is no set number of hours required to qualify for a barber license in New York. The idea with training, the theory goes, is to have the skills necessary to do the job. If that takes 1000 hours or 200 hours so be it, as long as you are competent. That said, most barber academies in NY offer programs of 500-600 hours.

Like other states, though, you will need to prove that competency through passing an exam. Find a school near you with the app below:

The majority of New York State-Licensed barber academies will consist of a curriculum including cutting and styling, facial massage and shaving; and the proper methods of sterilization and sanitation, salon management and so on. There are also some state law hours, and state exam prep.

The NY licensing organization may also allow you to train as an apprentice instead. To be eligible to take exams using these method, you must first submit a Barber Apprentice Application to the New York State Division. You must then train for two years with a licensed barber who has agreed to educate you in the mysteries of the craft.

The Process of Getting Your New York Barber’s License…

After you’ve completed your training you will need to apply to be a New York State barber operator.

Your application is for a license and also shows you are ready to take the exam. Submit your request either in person or online; include confirmation of New York State Approved training, Health Certification and the submission fee.

Upon receipt of your application, the New York Division of Licensing Services will send you a confirmation with instructions about the process including scheduling your hands-on exam.

During your education you will be specifically prepared for the exams. On successful completion with a grade of 70% or better, all that remains is to begin your career and renew your license every four years.

Employment As A Barber In New York

Available jobs are forecast to increase in NY up until at least 2022. Salaries are also supposed to keep up with the cost of living, but do vary widely depending on your experience and whether you open your own salon. There are many varieties of career path for barbers!

You can start your work search with the help of your school or check online.

Check out some of the tools you’ll need as a barbering student.

Some New York Barber Schools: Costs Compared

Name Address Length of CourseCosts: Tuition + Fees
Sharp Edgez Barber Institute398 West Ridge Rd.,
Rochester, NY 14615
600 hours$9,000 tuition, books and fees
Austin’s School of Spa Technology855 Central Ave.,
Albany, NY 12206
600 hours$7,500 tuition, books and fees
American Barber Institute48 West 39th St. New York , 10018500 hours + 3 hours contagious disease program$4,600
Shear Ego International School of Hair Design525 Titus Ave.,
Rochester, NY 14617
600 hours$10,100
Tribeca Barber & Beauty School95-16 63rd Rd., Queens, NY 11374510 hours$4,100
ARROJO Cosmetology School56 King St., New York NY 10014 600 hours$12,000

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Places you might work after getting licensed as a barber

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