Information you should know before you apply to a barber school.

The first step in completing the process of becoming a barber in New York is to graduate from an accredited New York State barber institute. Check schools using our online form below in order to make an informed choice about where you want to do your training.

New York is one of a few states that allow barber schools to determine their program requirements. Consequently, there is no set number of hours required for barber licensure in New York. Most barber colleges offer 288-hour training programs in addition to a 3-hour class about the transmission of infectious diseases.

The majority of New York State-Licensed barber academies will consist of a comprehensive curriculum including cutting and styling, facial massage and shaving; and the proper methods of sterilization and sanitation. There are also some legal and managerial hours, and state exam prep.

The Department of The New York State Division of Licensing Services may also allow you to train as an apprentice instead. To be eligible for a barber license using these means, you must first submit a Barber Apprentice Application to the New York State Division. Then, you must train for two years under the direct supervision of a licensed barber who has agreed to serve as your mentor.

After you’ve completed your training you will need to apply to be a New York State Barber Operator. That is your application for a license and indicates your readiness to take the licensing exam. Submit your request either in person or online; include confirmation of New York State Approved training, Health Certification and the submission fee. Upon receipt of your application, the New York Division of Licensing Services will send you a confirmation with instructions about scheduling your practical exam.

Ensure that you are familiar with anything that you need in preparation for the exam. Upon successful completion, all that remains is to begin your career and renew your license every four years.

Check out some of the tools you’ll need as a barbering student.

List of Schools

Jordan Lynn School for Appearance Enhancement – Schenectady

Atlas Barber School – New York

Europa School of Cosmetology – Schenectady

Tribeca Barber School – New York

Sharp Edgez Barber Institute – Rochester

Hudson Valley Barbers – Middletown

Austin’s School of Spa Technology – Albany

American Barber Institute – New York

Shear Ego International School of Hair Design – Rochester

The Long Island Barber Institute – Hempstead

Information on barber licensing in New York.

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