Skin care is vital to overall health. And glowing, youthful skin makes us all feel beautiful. If you’re someone who loves the idea of a career making people more beautiful, you’re not alone.

Becoming an esthetician in Oregon will take a lot of study at one of the great schools. This article will outline what you’ll need to be a certified skin care specialist in the state of Oregon.

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How Long Does Esthetician School Take in Oregon?

The State Board of Cosmetology requires 500 hours of formal training and education in at least one of the many programs. Because of the role skin care plays in your overall health, at least 150 hours of your training needs to be a safety and infection control course.

After that, you can choose to specialize in a wide variety of techniques, including exfoliation, makeup artistry, facial and body waxing, and massaging. If you’re not able to devote the hours, you can also choose a competency-based school, which may be more intensive and offer more practical training without the hourly training program.

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Esthetician Exam and License in Oregon

Unlike many other states, Oregon does not require a practical exam. Your individual institution issues the practical exam instead. However, you are required to write the 90-minute written exam and an exam on the Oregon Laws and Rules as they pertain to cosmetology. You’ll need 75% on both exams to pass.

If you fail, don’t worry you can retake the exam. If you fail more than three times, you will need to wait 30 days. If you’re moving to Oregon and have an active license from an accredited school, you will need to write the exam and pass the Laws and Rules exam for Oregon estheticians.

When you’ve passed your exams, you can apply for your license through the Oregon Health Licensing Agency. Your school will need to send your transcripts, and you will need to send your passing scores, and the practitioner application, along with two forms of identification.

Contact the Oregon Board if you chose a competency school, as they may require additional information.

Your license needs to be renewed every two years after it has been issued. You’ll receive a notification before your license expires.

Esthetician Work and Continuing Education For Aesthetics in Oregon

Oregon doesn’t require continuing education to renew your license, but it does offer a lot of options for specialization and growth. You may choose to become an advanced esthetician, with an extra 700 hours of an advanced curriculum, which might include anything from skin sciences, permanent hair reduction theory, advanced facial technique, and more.

You may also opt for advanced laser therapy training, which will license you for skin rejuvenation, body contouring, and tattoo removal, and allow you to expand your practice if you choose to open a salon of your own. On the medical side of things, you can go to Oregon esthetician school for medical or train to be an oncology aesthetician.

Skin care specialists are a growing field in Oregon, and there are plenty of places to find work. Studios and spas, particularly in the Portland area, have expanded in recent years. As you continue to develop training through advanced certification, or specialization, many medical centers offer opportunities for skin care specialists.. Whatever you choose, your future is undoubtedly bright!

Look at our esthetician classes page to get an idea of what you’ll be studying.

Some Esthetician Schools in Oregon

NameAddress Cost Other Programs
Portland Beauty School8230 Northeast Siskiyou Street #102, Portland, 97220UnknownHair Design, Massage Therapy,Nail Care
Aesthetics Institute2245 Southeast Powell Boulevard, Portland, 97202UnknownElectrology, Continuing Education
Sage School of Massage & Esthetics 369 Northeast Revere Avenue #101, Bend, 97701$9,775.00Massage Program
Phagans' Central Oregon Beauty College1310 Northeast Cushing Dr, Bend, 97701Tuition $5,200
Kits $865
Manual $30
Uniform $265
Books $280
App/Efee* $150
Total $6,790
Hair Design, Nail Technology, Barbering
Northwest College Clackamas Campus8307 Southeast Monterey Avenue, Clackamas, 97086UnknownHair Design, Barbering, Nail Technology
Beau Monde Academy of Cosmetology2032 Lloyd Center, Portland, 97232UnknownCosmetology, Barbering, Hair Design, Nail Technology

Other Oregon schools for nail techs, barbers, and cosmetologists.

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