Barbers specialize in men’s hair and health. They are specially trained to cut, shave and shape hair and beards, and even understand how to treat men’s skin in some cases. Becoming a barber in Oregon means joining the rich tradition of men’s hair specialists. You’ll need to attend one of Oregon’s many barber or cosmetology schools. As well all the necessary hair cutting tools will need to be bought. Finally you”l need to get your license from the Oregon state board.

It sounds like a lot of work, but if you’re interested in a career as a barber, the right program can really open doors for you. Cost of training varies, so do your research.

How Long Does Barber Training Last in OR?

Oregon state law requires you to have a GED or high school diploma before attending a registered program at a barber college or cosmetology school. Your program of choice must be comprised of at least 1350 hours of training. Hours vary wildly from state to state with NY having no fixed requirement.

Oregon has strict training requirements for the curriculum, so double check with your institution that it is board certified. You will study a variety of topics including hair cutting and styling, shaving and beard design, even artificial hair, and hair pieces.

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Your school will issue your practical examination, which involves practical demonstrations of everything you need to know about various procedures, treatments, and more. This may be done on either a live model or a mannequin head. You will only be allowed to take your written exam and apply for your license after you have passed the practical exam issued by your school.

Your OR Barber License

Once you have met all the requirements as laid out by your barber school you will be required to sit your written exam. This includes a portion on Oregon state laws and regulations as pertaining to barbers and salon operators.

You will need to submit your examination application when you submit your Cosmetology Practitioner application. Once you pass the written exam, your license will automatically be processed.

Barber Schools in Oregon

Bella Institute School of Cosmetology – 11565 SW Hall Boulevard #180, Portland, OR 97223

IBS School of Cosmetology and Massage – 388 West 7th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97401

Phagans’ Medford Beauty School – 2320 Poplar Drive, Medford, OR 97504

Evergreen Beauty College – 509 South 1st Street, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing – 255 Liberty Street NE, Salem, OR 97301

Champions Barbering Institute – 424 NE Killingsworth Street, Portland, OR 97211

Beau Monde Academy of Cosmetology – 2032 Lloyd Center, Portland, OR 97232

Already Licensed but Moving From Out-Of-State?

If you are currently operating with a barber’s license in another state, you may be eligible for an Oregon barber license based on reciprocity. You must provide proof of your education and exam results from your home state, submit a practitioner application, and pass the Oregon State written exam, and Laws and Rules Exam. You must also pay the licensing fee.

Renewal of License

You will need to renew your Oregon barber license every two years. Your date of renewal is the last day of the month of the original date of issue. You will receive your renewal application well before your license expires. You can renew online or by mail. No continuing education is required but you can always take night or weekend classes to keep up-to-date.

Job Search

Oregon offers plenty of work opportunities for enterprising barbers.

You may choose to work in some of the salons or spas which hire barbers, to work in an established shop, or even spend the time and money applying for an Oregon facility license to open your own shop.

The salary of a barber depends on experience, so the sooner you can enter the job market, the better your earning will be. Get started with great online resources.

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