As a student pursuing a career as an esthetician at Maine, you will be taken through quality training that will run for 600 hours or more. There are a couple of schools in the state that can give you the knowledge and experience you’ll need. You may be able to study part-time and at night.
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There are even more schools where you can get instruction, including medical skin care programs, in neighboring states, including New Hampshire and Vermont. In some cases, getting online training can be sufficient preparation for all or part of the required hours.

Classes will include courses on skin care, how to handle skin complications, and how to treat them with the best modern techniques available.

Exams & Licensing

Assessment for license eligibility will be conducted through The National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC). This will be through both theory (written) and practical assessments, which the Maine state board requires.

Written Test

The theory assessment, as expanded in the Candidate Information Bulletin, will be conducted through a computer-based system that will last about one-and-a-half hours.

It will cover the following topics and more!

  • Face and body treatments
  • Skin inflammation and Pigmentation
  • Infection control
  • Being a Masseuse
  • Disorders of the Skin
  • Product knowledge and application
  • Chemical and physical exfoliation
  • Hair and skin growth
Practical Test

The practical assessment will engage learners for about three hours. It will be conducted using a kit (a supplies kit + mannequins) that students are expected to bring with them. Thereafter, it will be expected that you carry out some major aesthetic services just as you would do for a client.

In-state License Applicants

After passing the examination phase, you will be able to apply for your working license by presenting your academic papers and paying the fee required to get one.

Out-of-State Applicants

This will be a little different as you will have to verify your qualification in another state and give proof of hours worked and the duration of your training program.

License renewal is mandatory on the last day of October every year, and you will have to pay a fee to effect the same. You will be spared the cost of getting continuing education as Maine doesn’t have a requirement to upgrade or refresh as part of renewal.

Your Esthetician Job Search In Maine

There are tried and true methods for looking for work anywhere: asking around, visiting beauty salons, and requesting help from your alma mater… but don’t forget to try an online search. You might find that checking state job boards on your phone or laptop can be a good shortcut to employment!

Esthetician Schools in Maine

NameAddressCostOther Programs
Aveda Institute Maine 43 Bridge Street, Augusta 04330Tuition $9,500.00
Student Kit: $1,500.00
Application Fee: $100.00
Barber, Cosmetology, Nail Tech
Spa Tech Institute100 Larrabee Road, Westbrook, 04092Tuition & Fees: $9,550
Books & Supplies: $649
Massage Therapy, Cosmetology

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Other Maine schools for nail techs, barbers, and cosmetologists.

Link to: Spa Tech Institute,