Maine is one of the less populated states in the union, so you’d expect fewer barber schools to serve the smaller number of students and it’s true! There are fewer schools, we could find only two schools Aveda and Empire. If you’ve already decided to be a barber keep reading to find out how to get license in Maine. If you just want to get a few classes under your belt there are some online classes for free.

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Terry Ross from Augusta, Maine, United States [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

How Long Do Maine Barber Schools Take?

Just it is smaller in population doesn’t mean the requirements to become a barber are any less than other states. In fact, Maine clocks in at the high end of hours required at 1,500! Some states, like NY, don’t even have an exact number of hours needed. If you get licensed in Maine you’ll be in a good position to work in other locales as well, since your education is so thorough. Check the app below for school near you:

Your time spend in classes will be divided between book-learning and practicing skills. The larger amount of time and effort will be spent honing your skills in things like: shaving, hair cutting and styling, hair coloring, tool use and so on. Theory will cover topics like health and safety, infection control, anatomy, history and so on.

Your Maine Barber’s License

Once you’ve finished your training program you’ll still need to get your license before you can legally work.

First you’ll need to apply for the exams and then actually take them.

There’s a written test that will cover the theory aspect of your education. you’ll need an hour and thirty minutes or less to complete it. It will cover only things you’ve learned in your training program so if you have paid attention and done a good review before the test you should do fine.

The practical will also cover things you learned in school (of course). Three hours is allowed for this exam.

After you’ve passed the tests you still need to apply for your license. Yup, lots of red tape… but once you do you’ll have your license and be legally ready to work.

If You Are A Barber Moving From Out-Of-State

It is entirely possible to easily transfer to working in Maine from elsewhere, but you’ll have to fill out an application for License By Endorsement. This requires a fee — of course — and proof of things like your education and experience as a barber.

Maine Barber License Renewal

Many places require license renewal only once every two years and in some cases never. However, ME stipulates that you must renew every year. It is pretty easy to do online and not expensive. Be aware, though, that if you are late you’ll need to more than double your application fee!

Work For Barbers In Maine

Though many new barbers like to work for someone else after graduating from school, some also like to take the plunge and open their own business from the get-go. Either option is great and both have their plusses and minuses. It is a very individual decision. Though you might not be able to pay yourself a good salary as a new entrepreneur you will be able to be your own boss!

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