barber finishing a styleOften the first thing someone says after hearing that you want to learn how to be a barber is, “Why be a barber?” For some, it’s seen as a thankless job and one in which people work long hours for little return. In reality, though, there are plenty of great reasons to become a barber.

You Can Be an Artist

Sure, a lot of the folks who come in just want a trim. A couple of inches off the top. Just buzz it. But there are those few clients who want you to show off your stuff and use the full range of tools and skills at hand. They want to see the best you’ve got to offer, and they want their socks knocked off. They want something different, something trendy, and you can give them a look that they really want. You have an opportunity to truly be an artist, and the medium for your artistry is hair. It’s not a bad trade-off for doing some plain old haircuts now and again.

You Are the Boss

As a barber, you have the chance to harness your own destiny. You’re possibly self-employed in your own barber shop, so you get to call all the shots. You don’t want to work on the weekends? Done. You want to be open every day of the week? You can do that, too. You can choose to work for someone else if you want to, but why would you want to? By working for yourself, there is no ceiling, so you don’t have to worry that you’ve hit the top end of your corporate salary range. You keep your clients happy, and they’ll keep coming back to you. They’ll also recommend you to their friends, which is even better. Your business is only as small as you want it to be.

The Social Aspect

Whether you’re a social butterfly or a little introverted, you cannot deny the social aspect of the job, and it’s always been that way; even centuries ago, barbers were often part of many social networks. Some barbers end up being the hairstyling equivalent of the bartender, hearing about everyone’s problems and offering a friendly shoulder. Others are the strong and silent type. Regardless, everyone knows that their secrets are safe with the barber, and being friendly with everyone in town has its benefits.

Why Not Be A Barber?

It’s true, though, that it is not a trade for everyone. If you have physical challenges that make it difficult for you to be on your feet a lot, then this may not be the profession for you. Similarly, if you like a lot of time alone, then you’re likely to get frustrated by the constant social aspect of the job. Fortunately, you don’t have to be your own boss unless you want to, so being an entrepreneur is not a necessity. There are plenty of barbers who are employed in larger salons for their whole careers. Some people need and enjoy routine, and being an employee rather than an employer allows for less on-the-job stress, hopefully ;).
In all, there are many reasons to dive into the world of the professional barber. No matter what reason you have, it’s easy to find the right school in order to learn the skills you need to be the best barber possible. Enter your ZIP in the form below to see what schools are available in your area and come to an informed decision about where you’d like to train.

Credits: Photo by André Reis on Unsplash