Quebec is world-famous for its food, festival, and art.

Beauty is also a part of that heritage, and it’s turning into a great industry with lots of opportunities. Whether you’re interested in a career as a makeup artist, massage therapist, or owning your own spa, Quebec may be the place to start a great future. Quebec’s great esthetician schools are the best first stop in your new career.

Quebec, PQ
Quebec, PQ by Martin St-Amant CC BY-SA 3.0

Training Requirements at Esthetician Schools In Quebec

There are no specific license requirements for becoming a skincare specialist in Quebec. There are many registered beauty schools that offer courses in skin disease, massage training, electrolysis, and wax hair removal technique, among other things.

You will also learn about building a business and how to take care of your clients. Some things can even be learned from home!

Though you’re not required to finish a formal training program to work as a skin care specialist, most schools in Quebec offer off-campus training and even internships that can help boost your career.

Internships may involve work at a spa, salon, massage parlor, or medical esthetician’s office, depending on preference and the school of your choosing. Top schools include Canadian Beauty College and Academy Edith Serei.

An interest in beauty and health is a key asset in a career in esthetics. Also important are your customer service skills and ability to work with your hands. It can take a lot of work to build up a client base so there are benefits to choosing to work with a registered school that can offer you internships in the industry.

In addition to your diploma courses, you may also choose to be certified in particular areas of skin care, whether you choose hair removal, skin care for patients with cancer, or even skin disease. Often, a career in esthetics can open doors to even bigger and brighter opportunities!

Out-of-Province Licensing

Because Quebec doesn’t have licensing requirements, you will not need to provide specific licensing to get work out of the province. However, you will want to keep a detailed work history, along with any certifications and specializations you do have.

Finding Skin Care Employment in PQ

Quebec is a bustling, busy province with a lot going on. Some of the best medical centers in Canada are found in Quebec. If you’re looking to become an acupuncturist, or masseuse or work in a medical esthetician office, the urban centers of Quebec City or Montreal.

Should you choose, Quebec also has a rich countryside, with many hotels and spas in more rural areas. You may also want to work in the film industry. Quebec has a unique independent film scene and is famous for its music scene too.

It’s a great place for a makeup artist or massage therapist to make a living. Whatever you choose, your future is wide open with lots of jobs. It all begins with the right training and a positive attitude.

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