Manitoba is a great place to learn apprenticeships of all types including as an esthetician. The provincial focus on training and trades makes it a great place to attend trade schools. If you have an interest in makeup, skin care or beauty, Manitoba offers a lot of opportunities for a skin care specialist to grow a thriving business.
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How Many Hours at Esthetician Schools in Manitoba?

Manitoba stipulates you must complete both required apprenticeship hours plus an approved training program.

The length of the program is different depending on the school, but must add up to 1064 hours technical training per year, and a total of 3200 hours on-the-job training.

The two levels for your apprenticeship are nail technician, and skin care technician.

You will learn everything from anatomy and chemistry, to makeup techniques, to nail and hair treatments. You will also be given the opportunity to specialize in nail treatments, skin care, makeup artistry and hair removal.

Some schools even offer certification in laser and cosmetic surgery treatments. Due to the stringent training rules in MB very there’s very little chance for training online through your laptop.

Get A Manitoba Skin Care License

After completing your course and required hours, you must complete a pre-provincial certificate exam review, and a practical exam.

The practical exam can cover anything from your course, including nail equipment, basic chemistry, skin care products and body treatments.

Once you have passed both, you will immediately be granted a six month temporary license, and you can then apply for your full license. For advice on preparing for your exam, visit the Esthetician trade section of the Apprenticeship Manitoba.

How To Renew Your MB License

Your license must be renewed every three years.

You are required to prove 4800 hours of work every three years, and retake the practical exam to keep your license.

If you choose level 1 esthetician, specialising as either a nail technician or a skin care technician, you only need to complete half of the hour requirements, but you will need to renew every 18 months.

Finding a Job As An Esthetician in Manitoba

Depending on your licensing and your career goals, there are plenty of options for an esthetician in Manitoba to work for a decent salary.

If you choose level one esthetic studies in your education, you can choose between skin care and nail and beauty treatments. If you choose level two, you will become trained in both. Training to level 2 also allows you to become an instructor or start an apprenticeship out of your own shop if you have it.

Apprenticeships come with government tax breaks, but must be strictly monitored and regulated.

Also take a look at our school costs page to get an idea how much your training will be.

European School of Esthetics – Winnipeg

Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre – Winnipeg

MC College – Winnipeg

Miles Macdonell Collegiate – Winnipeg

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