PEI is a small province not exactly known for big business. But its beauty industry seems to be booming! PEI’s biggest cosmetology schools boast a 100% hiring rating.

Studying to become a skincare specialist in a province with as high a success rate and a huge amount of outdoor workers is a great career move. And the first step to this burgeoning new career opportunity is to start with one of the province’s esthetics schools.

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island by Charles Hoffman [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Education Requirements

All estheticians, skin care, and makeup experts in PEI must register with the Prince Edward Island Hair Dresser’s association. You must register with the association within 30 days of entering an accredited program.

The study period is a minimum of 1250 hours. Anyone looking to specialize in skin care should complete a maximum of 350 hours of training in skin disease, skin care treatments, and facial techniques.

Getting Your PEI Certification

Once your study period is over, you must register as a member of the Association as a Licensed Beauty Operator 1. After you pay the membership fee, you can be employed at a licensed salon and practice your skills under supervision. Your apprenticeship will last a minimum of 1000 hours of practical training. Once you finish the LBO I, you must pay the fee and complete your practical exam. After that, You will be licensed LBO II, and can work unsupervised in a salon or privately in your own business.

In all of North America, PEI has one of the most demanding processes for becoming an esthetician!


Depending on where your original license is based, you may be able to be licensed in PEI. You must submit a copy of your current license to the association. It must be proved in good standing. You may also be asked for a completed resume of salons or spas you have worked. You will also have to prove at least 1000 hours of work experience.

How To Renew Your License

Your license must be renewed every year by September 15th. Fees are listed on the association’s website according to your individual license level.

Get To Work!

PEI is experiencing a boom in estheticians and beauty operators. This is impressive, considering the small population in the area. The top beauty schools of the province boast 100% hireability in this growing profession, so it’s not hard to find a job.

What’s more, with only 2000 extra hours of experience, you can receive your Master Licensed Beauty Operator certification, allowing you to train and oversee apprenticeships of your own. You can also do extra training in things like microblading.

The province offers major tax incentives for salons that participate in apprenticeship programs, so there are plenty of opportunities for your business to grow!

Also, take a look at our online esthetics training page to get an idea if that option might work for you.

Private Institute of Hair Design and Aesthetics – Charlottetown

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