Quebec is well known for its fashion, art and film culture. Even with all that to recommend it — and unlike US states such as California — Quebec has no requirement for entry into it’s beauty industry. That means with just a few years experience and great client connection, you could be makeup artist to the stars, on-set hairstylist, or even work in a medical aestheticians office or high end resort! Everything depends on your ability to connect to with your clients, think on your feet, and learn on the job.

Of course, having passable knowledge of the French language is bound to help you in your career as a cosmetologist, but if you find it intimidating, you might find better luck choosing one of Quebec’s great beauty schools including high schools that offer hairdressing, and immersing yourself in the program before you begin setting up shop!

Hairdressing & Cosmetology School Requirements

As with Alberta, no specific requirements are needed to become a licensed cosmetologist. Still, there is plenty to learn from the great Quebec beauty schools. Quebec is a cultural leader in Canada, especially in the urban areas, like Montreal. The right school can get you plenty of opportunities. You will want to study skin care, hair and nail care, and makeup techniques. The industry is always changing, and the more you’re able to adapt, the better for your career. At the very least you can take some free beauty classes or try part-time or evening schooling.

Because Quebec has no specific licensing requirements, you can move to the province and immediately start work in a salon or spa. Any qualifications you have from your home province can help you earn more.’ll also earn more if you are bilingual. If you speak English, you may want to get your cosmetologist training in Quebec to help with the language barrier. It’s not necessary everywhere, but it will up your hiring potential, especially if you come in out of province.

Working In The Beauty Business in PQ

Quebec is home to a great fashion and film industry, given that it is a cultural hub. You may decide to work as a makeup artist or skin care specialist on film sets. You could end up as a hairstylist in the Quebec fashion scene. Who knows? Rural Quebec is also a great place to become a skin care specialist, given the weather conditions and outdoor work. You will be able to find work wherever your most passionate, and build your client base on your reputation, and skills with people. And a Quebec-based job bank will help you get started, to find the perfect place to build your skills!

Ecole De Coiffure Lemieux Inc – Quebec City

Aveda Institute Montreal – Montreal

Vienna Academy of Arts & Sciences – Montreal

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