Quebec is a diverse and vibrant province with a history in the fashion and culture industries. It’s a great place to begin your beauty education and includes many esthetician schools. If you’re looking to start a rewarding career in the beauty industry, and you want to get started today, work as a nail technician is a great way to dip your glamourous toe into the beauty industry.

No License Required

Like other cosmetology, aesthetics and makeup-related work, Quebec does not require a specific license for a nail technician. You can set up a shop from home, and learn your skills on the job. However, it is recommended that you take advantage of one of Quebec’s many beauty school programs specializing in nail care.

Finding The Right Program

From film, to indie artists to fashion, the more metropolitan areas of Quebec, like Montreal, will have plenty of experienced makeup artists and nail technicians. To succeed, it’s important to make the most out of the industry.

A dedicated nail technician program is usually under 100 hours, or one semester of study. Attending a registered beauty program can help you learn the basics of nail care. That means going beyond the differences between acrylics and gels. You’ll also learn how to spot disease or unhealthy nail beds, how to prevent and treat infection, and depending on the program, you could even learn the basics of running your own shop, from marketing, customer service, and business principles.

These days you can even study nail care online!

Nail Work As A Stepping Stone

Choosing a career as a nail technician is a great decision when you’re looking for a job you can learn on the go. Since it doesn’t require specific licensing, you can start work right away, even in the middle of your studies. You may find you have a knack for making customers feel at ease and a love of style and color.

Many nail technicians employ their skills while completing a full cosmetology or makeup artist course, to give them a more rounded education in the beauty industry, and allow them to work in a variety of positions.

You can even attend continuing education classes for nails if you are already experienced in the beauty industry.


In Quebec, nail technicians can work in many places. You may prefer to work in department stores or salons. If you like a face-paced environment and seeing new faces every day, you might reach a wider clientele in the tourist industry, by working in local hotels or spas. If you long for flexibility and freedom, you could choose to work in a home nail salon or rent a chair in an existing establishment. Whatever you choose, the world is wide open, as you start your exciting new career!

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Nail Technician Schools in Quebec

Academie Ideal – 5725 Monkland Avenue, Montreal H4A 1E7

Academy Dectro – 1000 Boulevard du Parc Technologique, Québec City G1P 4S3

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