some of your continuing education credits can be done online
Did you know that often some of your continuing education credits can be done online?

Find schools that offer continuing education near you.

As mentioned on our main nail tech training page, continuing education is important for a professional nail tech. Some states even require proof that you are keeping up to date with your education. To find a school close to you that offers the required courses, enter your ZIP below…


Keeping Up To Date is A Win-Win Proposal

The beauty field, including the nail tech specialty, is constantly evolving. What you learn in cosmetology school can be out of date quickly. Though most professionals will naturally keep abreast of current developments in their field, the government agencies responsible for licensing often formalize this learning process through CE.

Consumers of nail care can then be sure that they are getting the latest, safest and best techniques from their manicurist. And as a provider of nail services and manicures, you can be confident that your expert status is secure and your knowledge is cutting-edge.

Further to this, instructors are required to take twelve hours of training to brush up on their teaching knowledge and skills.

A good example of a state that requires nail techs to show proof of continuing education in South Carolina. Licensed techs require twelve hours of training every two years. Six of those hours must be done in class, while the other six can be done online. Three hours of education must be on client safety and health.

Twelve hours every two years is not much and won’t require a lot of tuition. You can even take classes at night or on weekends. It is a good chance to reconnect with others in the profession, especially if you are an independent salon owner.

Example Schools That Offer Continuing Education for Manicurists

Lennie B. & Co. Continuing Education1244 Blossom Street, Ste. 106,
Columbia, SC 29208
(843) 260-2415
Charleston Cosmetology Institute8484 Dorchester Road,
Charleston, SC 29420
(843) 552-3670
Association of Cosmetology Salon ProfessionalsPO Box 207 Chapin SC 29036(803) 345-2909
PDH AcademyPO Box 449
Pewaukee, WI 53072
(888) 290-9739
Gavilan College5055 Santa Teresa Boulevard
Gilroy 95020
(408) 848 – 4800

What Nail Goodness Will You Learn?

The subject matter of the classes you must take is not set in stone. You have a variety of topics you can choose from — at least in SC:

  • Safety and sanitation when giving a pedicure foot bath
  • OSHA, Infection control
  • Classy Nail Art
  • Social Networking for Your Nail Salon
  • Nail Technology
  • Professional Development
  • Nail Art Design
  • Business Branding, Planning & Predicting Trends
  • Selling Nail Products Through Your Salon
  • 3D Nail Designs
  • Nail Care update: Techniques and Trends
  • The Disappearing Art of Nail Tips

As you can see, there’s a good variety of topics to pick from. Many of them will allow you to offer more services to your clients. More services = more income!

Nail Technician Continuing Education Requirements By State


Continuing Education Requirements

Dist. of ColumbiaMust be completed on even-numbered years (i.e., 2018, 2020, etc.). 6 credits are required and 2 must be in health/safety
Florida16 hours of continuing education credits every two years. List of providers here.
GeorgiaAt time of license renewal on odd-numbered years (i.e., 2017, 2019, etc.). You must complete 5 hours of training, 3 hours of which must be health and safety related.
IllinoisComplete a 10 hours of training every two years before October 31 on even-numbered years (i.e., 2018, 2020).
Kansasnone, unless you are an instructor
MinnesotaComplete 4 hours of education every 3 years. 3 hours must be in health and safety and 1 hour on state law for nail techs.
MississippiYou must complete not less than 16 hours of continuing education classes in order to become a master manicurist. Otherwise there is no CE requirement.
Nebraska8 hours of continuing education classes must be done when renewing your license on odd-numbered years.
NevadaA 4-hour infection control class is required every two-years when you renew your license.
New Hampshirenone
New Jerseynone
New Mexiconone, except if your are a teacher
New Yorknone
North CarolinaA minimum of 8 hours of CE must be done annually in order to maintain your license.
North Dakotanone
OhioYou must complete 8 hours or more of continuing education very 2 years when you renew your license.
Rhode Islandnone
South Carolina12 hours of CE is required EVERY YEAR to maintain your license.
South Dakotanone
Texas4 hours of CE training every two years. 1 hour safety and sanitation, 3 hours other.
West Virginia4 hours of classes are required every year.
WisconsinOn odd-numbered years (2017, 2019, etc.) you will need to complete 4 hours of training by March 31st. 1 hour must be concerning cosmetology laws and 3 hours must be about salon health & safety.