The Maryland beauty scene is all about flexibility and freedom. If you’re looking for a career as a nail technician, it’s a great place to get started.

You can choose to go to one of Maryland’s top cosmetology schools, an online nail school, or, if you’d like to jump right in, you can try an apprentice program. Either way, you’ll be sure to get the training you need to start you on getting your license, and beginning a great career.

Unlike some states – like California – MD doesn’t require a lot of training hours.

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Maryland Nail Tech Schools Hours and Requirements

MD has some flexibility when it comes to meeting their education requirements to become a manicurist. You will need to prove that you are at least 17 years old, and have at least a ninth grade education. You may choose to attend a board-approved school for a 250-hour course. Such a program will cover manicure skills, acrylic nails, bacteriology, and other related courses. There will be both theoretical and practical learning settings.

You may also choose to work for eight months as a registered nail tech apprentice. You’ll need three months of full-time training — supervised by a licensed salon operator — to qualify for this option.

How To Get your Maryland Nail Technician License

To take your licensing exams you’ll need to apply. If you attended a school they will fill out the Student Training portion of your exam application. If you did an apprenticeship your supervisor will fill out the Apprentice Training Certification.

You will need to complete this application to take your theory and practical exams.

The theory exam is a written exam. It is two hours long and multiple choice.

The practical requires that you bring your own mannequin hands and kit. The exam will test your ability to perform various functions you have learned in your training.

Once you’ve passed with a score of at least 75% on both exams, you can apply for your license.

Out-Of-State Applicants

Nail techs in other states may be eligible for a Maryland license by endorsement. If their home state has equal licensing requirements and the applicant has a current active license in good standing she can apply. Check with the Board to see if your state can qualify for license by endorsement.

Maryland Nail Technician License Renewal

Your MD nail license must be renewed every two years from date of issue.

No continuing education hours are required for renewal. However, the Maryland state board of cosmetologists recommends taking advantage of continuing education. By doing so you further your career and stay on top of current trends and technologies useful in the industry.

MD Jobs As A Nail Tech

Maryland is a great place to develop a career as a manicurist. The travel industry especially offers well-paying work to experienced nail techs.

The medical field or the local spas and salons are other great places to start out. Check with your school, or the salon you have apprenticed with for tips to finding a great job, or visit the online job market, with Maryland job sites like

Also take a look at the many different things you’ll need — including tools and equipment — in order to do your nail training.

International Beauty School – Bel Air

Harford Community College – Bel Air

International Beauty School – Cumberland

Frederick School of Cosmetology – Frederick

International Beauty School – Glen Burnie

Renaissance Institute of Cosmetology – Hunt Valley

Fame School of Nail Design – Hyattsville

Madison Institute of Cosmetology, Inc – Westminster

Westminster Beauty School 2 – Westminster

Other Maryland schools for cosmetologists, estheticians, barbers and makeup artists.

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