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Lincoln, NE skyline
Lincoln, NE skyline

Nebraska is one of the top states for young professionals, with a beauty industry that has grown more than 7% in the last ten years. That makes Nebraska’s great beauty schools the perfect place to realize your wish to become a nail tech or manicurist, or even a medical NT. Getting your license takes time and dedication, but it’s a short jump to your dream job of taking care of hands, making people feel beautiful, and eventually, even opening your own business!

Hours Required & Classes

To work as a nail technician in Nebraska, you must be at least 17 years old, and have a high school diploma. You will need to complete a program of at least 300 hours.

Along with the basics of manicure and pedicure and the nail tools and equipment used, you’ll learn:

    • how to shape and adjust artificial nails
    • how to strengthen and treat natural nails
    • how to spot fungus and other weakness or disease in the nails and hands
    • proper sanitation and care of a salon, and your clients
    • You will also learn the basics of first aid, a requirement in getting your license

Getting Your License

Nebraska has two separate exams for licensing manicurists in the state. The first is a combined written and practical exam. You will be required to score at least a 75% before you can move forward to take the Nebraska Cosmetology Jurisprudence examination, which covers the laws and regulations pertaining to owning, operating, and working in a salon, spa, or nail salon. This is an open-book exam, which requires a 75% to pass, and be eligible for license.

If you currently hold a nail technician license in another state, you may be eligible to transfer it to Nebraska if you can meet the following conditions: You must be at least 17 years old, and with at least a GED. Your current license must be active and in good standing. You must prove your written exam scores, and at least 300 hours of study. Provided these conditions are met, you will be eligible for a Nebraska nail technician license.

Your Nebraska license must be renewed every odd-numbered year by December 31st. You must pay a fee by that time, and prove at least 8 hours of continuing education. These can include home study, first aid, equipment training, or business-related courses in marketing and management, if you are looking to open your own salon.

Job Options For NE Nail Professionals

Nebraska was recently named on of the top states for business, making it a great place to become an entrepreneur. The best way to build your nail salon business is through word of mouth of dedicated clients.

Build up your client base through top salons like the Academy of Nail Design or NE Nails & Tanning, in Omaha, or Pink Nails and Spa, in Lincoln. Wherever you start off, that first job is a gateway to a great career!

Academy of Nail and Makeup – Grand Island

La’ James International College – Fremont

Xenon Academy – Grand Island

Academy of Nail Technology – Grand Island

Xenon Academy – Omaha

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