Information you should know before you apply to a barber school.

Nebraska has some of the demanding regulations for new barbers. But if you finish the schooling and licensing you will be one of the best-trained professionals in the country.

Because of that you should have fewer problems if you ever want to transfer to another state and become certified. Even California and Texas have less stringent requirements not to mention NY which has not set amount of time that you need to attend a college. Find out how it all works below…

How Long Will Barber School Take in NE?

As mentioned the education requirements in Nebraska are long. It takes 1,800 hours before you can even think of applying to take licensing exams. Most states ask only that you do a 1,000 to 1,500 hours long program. Find the closest school to you by entering your ZIP below:

During your education (by the way apprenticeships aren’t possible in the state) you will both study various topics like hygiene, state laws, history and anatomy. You will also practice skills like hair cutting, chemical processes, sanitation, and so on.

If you just want to pick up a few skills and be a better hair cutter for friends and family you can learn a lot for free and online.

Exams and Licensing

Once you’ve graduated you’ll still need to pass the licensing tests. Both must be passed with a mark of 75% or more. To take the Nebraska barber licensing exams you will need to apply and show proof of you’re education.

The first exam is written and focuses on your knowledge, and the second is practical and is on how you put that knowledge into practice on a live model.

Once you’ve got your license you’ll need to keep it current by renewing it every two years. It is easy to do online but does require a fee.

Barber Jobs in Nebraska

Once you have gone through the training and exams you are ready to work.

You can choose between working in an established salon or striking out on your own to open your own barber shop.

They usual job hunting methods apply: you can search online, ask help from your, school, let acquaintances know you are looking, etc.

If you want to open your own shop however, be prepared to fill out more forms and pay more fees.

As mentioned before a NE barber program is longer and more thorough than many states so it might be easy for you to work in another state if that is your wish.

Nebraska Barber Schools – Listings

There’s not a lot to choose from! But the schools that can teach you have a good reputations and will prepare you well for your career as they are approved by the state board.

College of Hair Design – Two Locations in Lincoln – 1. 304 South 11th St, Lincoln, NE 68508 2. 9000 Andermatt Drive, Lincoln, NE 68526

Did we miss any schools? Please contact us to let us know.

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