Do you love making people feel great? Are you comfortable making conversation with just about anyone with a great love of beauty and style? If you’re interested in manicuring, working as a nail technician is a great start to a promising career. The right schools can help you become a nail technician or even an advanced manicurist. And Alaska’s booming tourist industry makes it a great place to start.

How Much Training Do You Need At Nail Technician Schools in Alaska?

If you’re looking to become a manicurist in Alaska, your first step is to complete at least 12 hours of training at a school that has been approved by the Alaskan State Board of Barbers and Hairdressers. Twelve hours is a lot less than most states — like California or NY, for instance — so you can get to work much quicker than most places.

Programs cover courses like the anatomy of the hand and fingers, nail disorders, and infectious agents and infection. Because your course is mainly theoretical, some programs offer practical training courses in addition to their required course load.

You cannot take an apprenticeship course in place of an educational program.

Your Alaska Nail Tech License

After you have completed the manicurist course, you will need to take an exam given by the school. It will cover health, safety, and hygiene.

Then, you will need to apply for your manicurist license by completing your application, notarizing, and sending it to the board. There is also a fee involved.

If you have completed a 250-hour training course and paid another fee, you may apply to become a certified advanced manicurist. The work is the same, but the added experience will give your career a great head start regarding both job offers and salary!

Out-Of-State Licensees

In order to transfer your manicurist license from another state, Alaska requires a certain number of hours worked.

For a nail technician, you must provide of existing license for the past five years. If you do not have these hours of experience, you may still be required to take an exam.

If you are looking to become an advanced manicurist, you will also be required a course in Alaskan state law.

How To Renew Your AK Beauty License

Now that you have your license, you must keep it in good standing.

All Alaskan manicurist licenses expire on August 31st of odd-numbered years.

There is no continuing education requirement for AK manicurists. Still, you may choose to continue educating yourself with the latest in nail design and treatments, and business courses will allow you to set yourself up as a freelance nail technician.

Work Opportunities For Nail Techs in AK

Now that you have a nail technologist license, you can start your career in salons and spas.

Alaska has a booming tourist industry, making it a great place to set up shop.

Working as a licensed nail technician is also a great way to open the door to other options in the beauty industry and make money while you continue your studies. For example, if you are really good, you could work as an instructor at one of the nail technician schools in Alaska.

Check out to help start your job search on the right foot. With the right course and attitude, you are well on your way to a great new career!

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