Hawaii is a great place to take your nail tech training. It has a pleasantly warm climate year-round because of the ocean’s moderating influence. Days never get too short or too long. The state is sometimes known as “The Aloha State”; “aloha” actually means “love, peace, compassion”.

To become a nail technologist in Hawaii you’ll first need to commit to 350 hours of training at a Hawaii school. They will teach you the theory and skills — including use of manicure tools — you will need to be a professional and to successfully do the exams you will need to apply for a complete exam via the board of cosmetology.

Another way to prep for exams and life as a professional is through apprenticeship. The length of training doubles though, so that you will need to prove you have logged 700 hours. On the other hand you will have a better idea of what working day-to-day as a manicurist is like.

Regardless of whether you train and get your license through school or through apprenticeship you will need to to renew every two years. You won’t however need to do any extra training though that’s always a good idea.

Bella Torre Academy – Aiea, Hawaii now Closed for good

IBS School of Cosmetology – Kahului, Hawaii IBS will prepare you for the state licensing exams. They will make sure you are skilled in practical aspects of nail care. You will also learn all theoretical topics that are required by the profession.

Honolulu Nail Academy – 438 Hobron Lane #207, Honolulu 96815. This school has branched out into esthetics training as well. If you decide to branch out to the larger field of skin care it will be easy to do so!

La Mer Nail Institute – 320 Ward Avenue, Suite 109, Honolulu 96814 also now permanently closed

Paul Mitchell School – 1123-11th Avenue #102, Honolulu 96816. Part of the large Paul Mitchell chain of schools. This school doesn’t offer a nail-tech-only program. If you want to train to be a nail tech you’ll have to do it as part of a much longer and more expensive cosmetology program. While only 350 hours in school is require for nail training, 1800 hours is required for cosmetology! Unless you want to provide all the services that a cosmetologist needs to, you’d be better off going to another school that provides training specific to nail care.

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