Connecticut has a lot to offer a nail tech who has trained at one of its schools. The population is relatively wealthy, and has disposable income for pampering such as a nice mani/pedi.

Connecticut is a beautiful place to study the nail arts especially in the fall.
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Connecticut offers many different opportunities through studying at schools and colleges for those who are looking to make a good living as nail technicians. Enter your ZIP below to see where you can train nearby to become a CT nail technician.

It’s worth noting that Connecticut is the one location in the United States that currently doesn’t require nail technicians to be licensed. This means that there are no state certifications or license requirements. In fact, current state law says that nothing should prohibit a nail technician from being able to manicure fingernails, or pedicure toenails for cosmetic purposes. What’s more, state-overseen certification isn’t required for many other beauty procedures as well. Less red tape is always a nice surprise!

What You Can’t Do!

However, that being said, nail techs in Connecticut are at present not permitted to cut nail beds/corns/calluses or perform any type of medical treatments that involve either the foot or the ankle.

Although there are no licensing requirements for nail technicians in Connecticut, it is still a good idea to go through a thorough program. This will help you prepare for your career and give you all of the skills that you need in order to succeed.

These types of programs are offered at various cosmetology and nail technician schools in many locations throughout the state. Training centres have many different areas of study that mirror those offered in states that do require licenses.

There are many cosmetology and beauty schools throughout the state that design programs in a way that allows graduates to become eligible to sit for other state licensing examinations if they wish to do so.

Employment As A Nail Technologist in Connecticut

Finding work should not be too difficult if you have a certificate from a decent school. If you have no formal training you can still try to find a salon that will take you on as an unofficial apprentice. Look online at a government job search website:

Also take a look at the different supplies you’ll need — including tools and equipment — in order to do your nail training.

All Natural Beauty School of Cosmetology – Windsor, CT

Carmen’s Academy Of Nails & Skin Care – Middlebury, CT

Connecticut School of Nails – Wallingford, CT

Creative Hairdressing and Barber Schools – Enfield

Creative Hairdressing and Barber Schools – Manchester

Pawcatuck School-Hair Design – Pawcatuck, CT

Renasci Academy of Hair Inc – Norwalk, CT

Stat Training Center – Bridgeport, CT

Visions Academy – Hair Dressing – West Hartford, CT

NOTE: Marinello Schools are now closed. The listings below remain for reference only.
Marinello Schools of Beauty – East Hartford CLOSED

Marinello Schools of Beauty – Fairfield CLOSED

Marinello Schools of Beauty – Hamden

Marinello Schools of Beauty – Meriden

Marinello Schools of Beauty – Torrington

Marinello Schools of Beauty – Willimantic

Nirvana Salon Academy – Wethersfield

Belle Academy of Cosmetology – Waterbury, CT

Other Connecticut schools for makeup artists, cosmetologists, estheticians and barbers.

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