Colorado is a great place for a ski trip, but it’s also great for a spa date! If you love making other people feel gorgeous and relaxed becoming a licensed nail technician is a great opportunity. It is a great job for meeting people and indulging your creative side. All in all, it is a fun and rewarding career.

Check out any one of Colorado’s great beauty schools to get started!

You can study to be a nail tech near this location in Colorado
Telluride, CO in the autumn

Education Requirements At Nail Tech Schools in Colorado

To become a nail technician in CO you must complete an approved program and pay the fees (for financing ideas look here). This can be a certificate program, or part of a full cosmetology course at one of Colorado’s beauty schools. Any course must include 600 hours on nail care and styling. Use the app below to find a school nearby with your ZIP:

Courses will include manicuring and pedicuring, the application of artificial nails, and sanitation and safe work practices. They may also include courses in massage, manipulation and cleansing. There will be credits about the laws, rules and regulations of the state with regards to nail care.

Get Your Colorado Nail Technician License

Once your program is completed the state board requires you to you must pass the manicurist practical and written examinations. Before taking the test, you’ll pay the application fee. You must pass the practical exam before you can schedule your written exam. After you pass both exams, you will automatically be granted your license.


To change your license status from one state to another, you’ll need to prove that your current license is valid. You should have at least 600 hours of education in your home state, and a GED or high school diploma.

If your home state does not have education requirements equal or greater than Colorado, you may still be eligible for endorsement. Your current license must be in good standing. You also need to show you have been working full time. Applications by endorsement are individually reviewed by the board, so be ready to prove your work hours and current standing.

How To Renew Your Colorado Nail Technician License

Your certification must be renewed by March 31st every even-numbered year.

You must pay the fee and submit your application by that date, or you may find your license lapsed, and you could even be asked to re-certify and retake the exams.

No continuing education hours are required to renew your license.

Nail Tech Employment Opportunities in CO

Colorado is a great place to work as a nail technician.

Between the many salons, spas, and ski resorts, you’re sure to find a fantastic job to start off your career.

As you progress, you might even decide to become an independent contractor and possibly improve your salary. You can either rent space at an existing establishment, or start your own nail salon. You must take extra salon management and hospitality courses to be a licensed salon owner.

A great place to start is a state-centred jobsite like

Check out the supplies you will need if you do decide to take nail tech training.

Majestic Beauty College – Aurora

Academy of Nails – Colorado Springs

The Salon Professional Academy – Colorado Springs

Yesenia’s Beauty Salon & School – Denver

National Beauty and Massage Therapy – Denver

Cuttin’ Up Beauty Academy – Denver

Roni’s Academy of Hair Design – Englewood

Glenwood Beauty Academy – Glenwood Springs

MJM Institute of Cosmetology – Grand Junction

Littleton Academy of Hair Design – Littleton

Center Beauty College For Nail – Pueblo

Other Colorado schools for makeup artists, estheticians, cosmetologists and barbers.

Some school websites:

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