Rocky mountain high Colorado as John Denver sued to sing. Consider yourself lucky to live in this beautiful state. You are also in luck if you are interested in becoming a barber as there are some good schools to choose from no matter what part of the state you live in. Keep reading to find out about how to become a licensed professional barber in CO.

Denver, Co. skyline
Denver, Co. skyline – by loumessing [CC BY 2.0]

Barber Schools in Colorado — How Long Does It Take To Graduate?

One of the first questions people ask — along with how much does it cost? — is how long will college take? The answer is 1,500 hours. This is similar to many states, so if you think you might move elsewhere you shouldn’t have too much difficulty getting work in another area. Easily find a good school using your ZIP:

You’ll also learn much the same in classes including topics such as how to give a good shave, safe salon practices, head and scalp anatomy, professionalism, care of tools and supplies and so on.

Colorado Barber’s Exams & License

Once you’ve successfully finished your program you’ll still need to pass the board exams before you get your license. There is a fee for the exams and licensing, and if you are successful you will get your license right after you’re done.

You’ll first need to get good results in your practice exam, and then pass your written.

Both practical and written exams will only include topics and skills covered during your training. As long as you keep your cool and don’t get intimidated by the test situation you should do fine.

You’ll have two hours and 25 minutes for the practical and two hours for the theory/written.

Barber Employment in Colorado

Barber’s salary in the state is similar to that in other states at around $30-$40K for a full time professional. You can increase that figure by branching out on your own and establishing your own barber shop. It is usually better to enter that phase of your career after you’ve been working for someone else for a couple of years and have “learned the ropes”.

To find work you can look online, talk with your school, or let it be known in your network that you are now a ready and willing licensed barber!

Partial List of Schools

Yesenia’s Beauty Salon & School – Denver

National Beauty and Massage Therapy – Denver

Cuttin’ Up Beauty Academy – Denver

Englewood Cosmetology Trades – Englewood

Glenwood Beauty Academy – Glenwood Springs

MJM Institute of Cosmetology – Grand Junction

Other Colorado schools for makeup artists technicians, estheticians, cosmetologists and nail techs. (PDF)– If your a licensed Colorado cosmetologist or stylist looking to enhance or improve your skills and techniques with men’s grooming or if you are looking to add a “Barbers” license to your credentials then Command Cuts Academy is capable of guiding you from newbie to pro.

Did we miss any barbering colleges in Colorado? Please contact us to let us know.