If you’re in Rhode Island and looking for a new career that provides challenge and gives you the opportunity to help people stay healthy, and look beautiful, look no further! This article will outline all the requirements, from how to choose among the available esthetician schools to getting your license and, finally, where to begin your career.

We all love to feel a little pampered sometimes. But sometimes, it’s even nicer to pamper others. If you’re the kind of person who likes helping others feel their best, a career as an esthetician might be for you.

It’s more than makeup and beauty treatments. Experienced skin care professionals work in medical offices, provide cosmetic procedures, and even diagnose skin conditions that can drastically impact someone’s health.

Providence, RI

Education Requirements

According to the rules of the Rhode Island Board of Barbering and Hairdressing, you are required to complete at least 600 hours of classes and training over at least 4 months. Your esthetician courses will cover skin analysis, disorders, and functions, as well as professional makeup techniques, hair removal, and facial and body treatments.

You will also learn the basics of business-building for salons and spas. You may choose to continue salon management courses (though that will cost significantly more), but they are not required to get your license. Use our school-finding app by entering your ZIP below:

Getting Your License

The Rhode Island Department of health issues written and practical exams twice a year. You will need to check with them to find out when and where to sit your exams. The written exam is computer-based and multiple-choice. The practical is a physical test.

You will need to bring your own kit, but the mannequin or live model will be provided. Once you have your exam results and have passed satisfactorily, you will have your license.

If you currently hold a license out of state, you may be eligible for a license by endorsement. You will need to submit your high school and esthetician school transcripts, a photocopy of your current license, a recent photo, and exam results. After this, you will be issued a 90-day temporary license while you wait for a Rhode Island license.

RI Continuing Ed and Renewal for Esthetics

After the first year, your license must be renewed every two years by Sept 30th. The Board will send a notice about when and where to renew. You can renew online or in person.

Your Rhode Island license does not require continuing education to update.

However, there are plenty of courses, trade shows, and educational opportunities — everything from microblading to medical skin care, some of which can be done online — which can help you specialize and grow a client base.

You can also choose to pursue a career as an esthetics instructor as you grow your own salon. You will need 3 years of work experience and 300 hours of esthetics instructor training.

Rhode Island Esthetician Job Opportunities

Rhode Island has many spas, dermatology offices, and massage parlors in Rhode Island. You may even choose to go the luxury hotel route. You will have plenty of options to find work in the ever-growing skincare industry, whether you are more health care oriented or have more of a beauty focus!

Some Rhode Island Esthetician Schools

Name Address Cost Other Programs
Aveda Institute Rhode Island379 Atwood Avenue, Cranston, 02920Registration Fee $50
Student Kit $1,750
Kit Sales Tax $122.50
TUITION $10,572.50
TOTAL $12,495.00
Cosmetology, Nail Technology, Barbering, Make Up
Rob Roy Academy251 Main Street, Woonsocket, 02895Registration Fee: $50.00
Tuition: $4,200.00
Equipment & texts: $625.00
Sales Tax: $20.13
Total Price: $4,895.13
Cosmetology, Barbering, Manicuring

Other Rhode Island schools for nail techs, barbers, and cosmetologists.

Rhode Island beauty pro licensing info – pdf.

Video: What is an Esthetician by a Rhode Island Salon Owner

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