Oklahoma is the home of wheat, farms, and red dirt. It might surprise you, but it’s also known for skin care. There are many high quality esthetician schools that can get you certified and give you access to the apprenticeships you need to be licensed. Before you start, there are a few things you need to know.

Tulsa, OK skyline
Tulsa, OK skyline

Coursework and Education Requirements

To begin your facialist journey, you need to start an esthetician course. You’ll need to be at least 16 years old and have an at least a middle school education. Your coursework is 600 hours, and covers all subjects related to facial and makeup techniques, and advanced skin care. This includes subjects like manual facials, make-up application, color theory, skin care products and chemistry.

If you’re not able to attend due to cost or other factors, you can still participate in an apprenticeship program. You’ll need to find a licensed instructor in a licensed spa, salon, or other establishment, and complete 1200 hours of training in total. After that, you’re eligible for your written and practical exams.

You may be able to do some skin care training online check with schools:

Exam and License

After completing a full course or apprenticeship, you’ll have to take your written and practical exams. The written theory exam can be scheduled at a registered testing location through PSI Exams Online. It takes 90 minutes. It covers a variety of topics but nothing different from what you learned in your training.

Next, you’ll take the Oklahoma Board’s practical exam. The board will schedule a time, date and location. You’ll need to bring you own kit, and can be expected to be graded on your set up and client protection, massage, steaming, manual extraction, hair removal and facial makeup, just to name a few. Once that’s finished, you will need to apply for your initial license.

Submit your application for license to the Oklahoma State Board, along with your official transcripts and application fee. Once you’re approved, you can begin your new career!

Work and Future Education

Once you’re licensed, you’re free to work in salons, spas, makeup counters and hotels in Oklahoma. Check out oklahomacity-ok.com for ideas, or talk to your instructors about potential apprenticeships. If you’re looking to advance your career, you can try oncology aesthetics or even become an instructor. It does require an additional 1000 hours of studies, if you let your license lapse, and 300 if you are currently licensed. You also need to have a high school diploma to instruct. In either case, you’ll have to pass a written and practical instructor exam.

To keep your license active remember to renew it every year on your birth month.

Check out our online schools page to see if online learning might be an option for you.

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Oklahoma State Board

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Cosmetology rules for Oklahoma – pdf.

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