Hybrid Esthetician Schools in Texas, California, Arizona and More!

home studying with a laptopWhat Does Hybrid Mean?

To understand hybrid esthetician schools, we need to learn the dictionary definition for “hybrid” from the Oxford Dictionary is “something that is the product of mixing two or more different things,” for example, a hybrid language.

Hybrid can refer to the work environment; some work is done at home, and other work is done in an office with your co-workers. This is similar to esthetician training hybrids; some learning is done at school, and some study is done in the comfort of your own bed (or chair)!

In professional beauty, hybrid is also used to refer to hybrid lashes. In this case, hybrid refers to lashes that mix approximately 70% classic lashes and 30% volume lashes.

However, what follows here is more detailed information on how hybrid skincare programs work in places like Texas, California, and Arizona.

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Why Hybrid Esthetician Training?

In the past couple of years, Covid-19 has changed how things are done at schools. Because of masking and physical distancing requirements, there has been a shift to online learning. In many cases training through a computer screen and apps like zoom and skype has been a perfect fit.

However, esthetician training online is a different matter. Because beauty schools need hands-on teaching for many subjects. It is challenging to learn only virtually.

Skincare and makeup training is dependent on meeting up with others in person. For instance, how can you learn to apply makeup properly without someone to apply it to?! Learning to interact with different people as a skincare professional is part of the training, too. You can only do that if you are meeting face to face.

On the other hand, there are some beauty topics that you can learn over an internet connection. For instance…

  • cosmetology laws and rules
  • safety procedures
  • product chemistry
  • business practices

This is where the hybrid idea comes in. Nowadays, it is common to have a hybrid learning environment. Some training is done in person, and the rest is done over the internet.

In-person training for esthetics students would cover such topics as:

  • makeup application
  • hair removal
  • massage
  • skincare

What Are Some Esthetician Schools that Offer Hybrid?

More and more schools are now offering a hybrid option. To get up-to-date suggestions in your area try searching with your ZIP code to find one close to you:
Find hybrid schools near you.

Here are some examples from three different states: Texas, California, and Arizona.

Avenue Five Institute8620 Burnet Road #300,
Austin, Texas 78757
Phone: 512-968-2835
3D Lash & Brow Salon & Academy4230 LBJ Freeway, Ste. 122
Dallas, Texas, 75244
Phone: 469-917-9305
Aveda Institute Los Angeles 10935 Weyburn Avenue,
Los Angeles, California 90024
Phone: 310-209-2000
International College of Beauty, Arts & Sciences5225 West San Fernando Road,
Los Angeles, California 90039
Phone: 818-280-4898
Penrose Academy Esthetics and Laser13402 North Scottsdale Road,Ste. B-160
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
Phone: 480-222-9540
IMAj Institute 8370 East Via De Ventura
Suites K-200,
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258
Phone: 480-361-8585

Advantages of Hybrid Esthetician Schools

There is a happy balance with hybrid learning in the beauty sector. You can learn a lot of theory and cosmetology law via video classes. And you can learn the practical aspects and techniques when you go to a brick-and-mortar school.

  • Studying at home means you don’t have as much commute time.
  • At-home study allows you to keep up on all those little tasks that tend to pile up if you are not in your residence. For instance, how can you feed the cat if you are in school all day?
  • Some people joke about staying in their pajamas all day if working or studying at home. As long as your home life is harmonious, you can relax and eat home-cooked meals.
  • As mentioned before, being required to attend an actual school is undeniably helpful for your education in esthetics. Why? Becoming confident in the procedures you need to learn is much easier. Feedback from instructors is immediate, allowing you to progress rapidly.
  • By attending school in person, you also connect with your fellow students and make friends. Some friendships made while studying can be maintained after graduating and becoming a licensed esthetician. Such friendships can help a lot in your career by virtue of sharing trials and tribulations and coming up with solutions to common problems. You can also celebrate triumphs and milestones together with like-minded professionals.
  • The cost of training to become an esthetician may be less with hybrid programs.

In Summary

In short, the pandemic has made it necessary to shift to a more mixed type of learning that employs both learning at a physical school and learning by video at home. There are clearly big advantages to hybrid learning for esthetics programs. More and more schools and colleges will likely be developing their programs to accommodate students’ desire for this approach to training.

Photo credit: Thought Catalog at Unsplash