5 Nail Technician Personality Traits & Qualities For Success

happy customer at nail salon
You may already know the technical skills needed to become a nail technician, but do you know what a successful nail technician’s personality traits and qualities are like?

Some attitudes, like friendliness and being a good conversationalist, are important, but what else? Sometimes potential employers want to know such things about you when interviewing you.

It’s also good to know what aspects of your personality to emphasize on a resumé when seeking a nail care position.

A Nail Tech’s Qualities Depend on Responsibilities

To know about a nail technician’s qualities, we need to look at their work responsibilities.

In this case, we are considering what an employee of a nail salon is responsible for. A nail salon manager or owner has more on their plate and so has more capabilities as well.


A nail tech is working with the public. More than that, nail specialists work with the public in an intimate way. For example, while giving a manicure, a manicurist will hold your hand, talk to you, and work on your nails in a professional, but — ideally — thoughtful way. They’ll need to be aware of any nail conditions the client might have. So, a nail tech should be sensitive and perceptive.


A friendly attitude makes the nail tech’s job easier when interacting with a client. And, of course, the client will enjoy themselves more too. Friendliness is not required. You can still cut and shape nails, do foot massages, hand massages, paint the client’s nails, and so on. However, a friendly attitude and caring disposition will make the work a pleasure rather than a chore, and you’ll probably get more tips as well!

After all, most people like to be pampered a little when they go to a nail salon. This is because they want to feel good about themselves and have great-looking nails.


Sometimes you’ll need patience. In customer service, not all the people you meet will be pleasant. Some could be having a bad day and take it out on you. Some could have complex personalities. Or, maybe a customer may not be satisfied with your work.

In all such cases, it helps to realize that “patience is a virtue.” You can help by not reacting negatively to demanding clients. If you allow yourself to be affected by someone’s poor attitude, you will become unhappy yourself. So it is almost always better to “grin and bear it.”

You also need to be patient in that the quality of your work will be better if you don’t rush. For instance, if you are simply applying polish, your work will be more accurate, and you won’t need to clean up any mistakes if you take the time to do it right.


You can put a client at ease if you are confident in your skills. Imagine getting nail art done by someone who says they aren’t the best around, but they will do what they can.

It’s important to have practiced well while going to nail school and learned all the techniques required of you as well as the use of nail technician equipment. Then when the time comes to apply those rhinestones or massage that hand, you won’t hesitate, and your client will relax into the session. Related to confidence is professionalism. A professional in any field of work inspires customer confidence and will help you get referrals.

Satisfied customers will want to refer friends and family to you! We all want to make a good salary, and having people recommend you to others is the best way to increase your business.


Sometimes it can take a while to get enough clients and to become established. As a nail tech, you need tenacity (never give up, keep trying). You must know that it may take a while, but you can make a good salary in the nail care profession and thrive.


Do you have some or all of the nail tech personality traits listed above? Can you develop them if you don’t? (The answer is “yes“). Then you can definitely succeed. Actually, most of these qualities are good in daily life. And, to be clear, they are essential to many professions. You can easily work them into a resume‘s introduction. Once you determine that you want to do something and have good reasons to move forward toward your goal, most of the above qualities and traits will be important to your success.