Can an Esthetician do Botox? What are the Qualifications/Schools?

giving a botox injectionIn this article I’ll address the question “can estheticians do botox?” I’ll also look at the qualifications or degree necessary to give botox injections for lip fillers, etc.

In general, estheticians can’t do botox injections. There are exceptions though. For instance, if the esthetician is also a doctor, nurse, or dentist with the right training.

However, in medical spas, estheticians will often work alongside medical professionals for patient care before and after procedures. In some cases, non-medical professionals can assist in giving botox injections as long as rules for assisting with such non-surgical procedures are respected.

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Why Can Only Medical Professionals Administer Botox?

To understand this question, we’ll first need to look at what botox is and the potential complications that come with its use.

Botox is actually a brand name short for botulinum toxin. It works to paralyze muscles. So, doctors first used it to treat twitching eyelids. It was observed that eyelid wrinkles were reduced at the same time. As a result, botox started being used to reduce wrinkles.

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What is Botox Used For?

It’s used mostly for cosmetic procedures these days but also can help with:

  • chronic migraines
  • overactive bladder
  • neck spasms
  • sweating too much

Why Can’t Estheticians Inject Botox?

Since there can be complications from the procedure, it’s important to be a medical practitioner or be supervised by a doctor. Here are some possible negative side effects:

  • pain and bruising at the injection site
  • excess or unusual sweating
  • headache
  • neck or back pain
  • anxiety
  • infection
  • flu-like symptoms

So, qualifications are having a medical degree of some sort — like an R.N. or M.D. However, not every state is the same. For example, Texas does allow estheticians to administer Botox in special cases.

Some people even say phlebotomists (those who draw blood) must be able to do botox. However, phlebotomists are qualified to draw blood with a syringe, but not to inject anything.

Can Estheticians Do Lip Injections?

Unfortunately, no.

The same logic applies. Because an injection is required (usually of hyaluronic acid), lip fillers are also considered to be a medical technique.

So In What States Can Estheticians Do Botox?

Things are changing rapidly. It seems that it varies from state to state.

In particular, the Texas Medical Board (TMB) is currently considering new rules around who can do botox in medi-spas. In other words, it may be possible for non-medical personnel in the near future. Many cosmetologists certainly have the skill needed; all that might be required is a certification course to learn the details of the procedure.

Expect lots of change in this in the next while, and check with your state’s cosmetology board or medical board to get up-to-date information.

Right now, a licensed skin care practitioner in Texas can give filler and botox injections under the supervision of a physician. Also, a doctor can “delegate” the task to an esthetician. The key here is that the doctor is overseeing the procedure and in charge of who can do it. In other words, the doctor assumes responsibility. The doctor is also available if anything goes wrong, that is, if there are side effects or complications.

However, in most other states — including California — an esthetician can’t inject botox even if there is a supervising physician. Who knows? Things may change!

Are There Any Botox Schools?

There are not any schools specifically to learn about botox injections. However, medical professionals will do a Botox Certification Course at a place that offers such. Usually, such courses are done at a rented location such as a hotel or beauty school. Typically such a place will also offer many other related courses. Here are a few examples of training programs:

APT Injection Training – 1267 Cornwall Road, Unit 300, Oakville
Ontario L6J 7T5 Canada

Botox Training Houston – 4315 Magnolia Lane, Houston, Texas, 77478

Dentox Botox Training – Ste. 18, 2nd Floor, 8654 Nottingham Place, La Jolla, CA 92037‎

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In Summary

So, generally, estheticians are not allowed to do botox. However, in some states (like Texas) they can assist, but with supervision or by delegation.

However, there is plenty of chance for estheticians to help before and after procedures like lip filling and smoothing wrinkles. In fact, they are indispensable in a spa setting where doctors and nurses work alongside beauty professionals.

How do estheticians help with filler and botox procedures? First, they can sanitize the site of the procedure (forehead, lips, etc.). They can share instructions with the patient. Finally, they can provide post-procedure care, such as applying creams and debriefing the client.