Healthy, glowing skin isn’t just about looking beautiful. Your skin can reveal a lot about your health, and being able to take care of it, preventing infection and scarring for yourself and others, is a rewarding career path. To become a certified esthetician in Utah, you must find a accredited schools that can meet the state boards requirements. If you’re not sure where to start, this article may be the right place for you.

Salt Lake City panorama
Salt Lake City panorama

Education Requirements — Hours and Course

In the Utah esthetician licensing programs, you will have the choice between basic and master esthetician courses. There aren’t any holistic esthetician schools in Utah that we know of. For basic esthetician you only need 600 hours. You’ll learn the basics of facials, makeup art, colour theory and skin care. You also learn sanitation, and the basics of skin disorders. If you decide to go as far as a master esthetician, you’ll need an additional 600 hours on top (of course it will cost more too!), and you’ll be able to learn more advanced techniques. These include chemical peeling, light therapy, and even plastic surgery! Check to see if some hours can be done online. Otherwise find a school nearby by entering your ZIP:

Exam and License

Whether basic or master, all estheticians need to take a written and practical exam. The written exam is 90 minutes long, and 60% is based on scientific concepts. Your practical exam will not be performed on a live person, so you’ll need to bring a kit and your mannequin head to the exam. The exam will cover core services such as setup and client protection, manual extraction, and facial massage, just to name a few. After you finish your exam, you have one year to get your license. Your school will need to fill out your hours worked in the program, and when you graduated.

To transfer your existing license and avoid the necessity of retraining at Utah esthetician schools the state board mandates that you will need to apply with a paper application for reciprocity. You also need to contact your home state.

If you have passed the NIC written and practical exams, you will be licensed to practice in Utah. You may even be granted the status of master esthetician, if you have worked or apprenticed more than 1200 hours. All licenses must be renewed by Sept 30th, every two years after your original license.

Your Esthetician Career

As of right now, Utah doesn’t require continuing education to get re-licensed. But if you choose to become a master esthetician after you are certified basic, you will almost double your projected yearly salary.

With a master esthetician degree, you can become a plastic surgeon eventually, or with a lot of training: adermatologist, or work in a specialist clinic. Basic estheticians focus more on beauty and skin treatments. You will still find plenty of work in one of Utah’s many spas or wellness clinics. Check for esthetician and master esthetician work.

Laser schools are an important optional part of an esthetician’s continuing education. Learn about them on this page.

The Forum Accademia – American Fork

Aveda Institiute Provo – Salt Lake City

Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design – St. George

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Paul Mitchell The School – Salt Lake City

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