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There are no standard education requirements for the profession in Alberta. You do need a license to cut hair, but not for esthetics or manicures. Go figure! However this makes it easy to go into business on your own since you do not need a license or any formal training. However, it is best to know what you are doing and have an education both for you and your clients’ sake! These days there are even some online nail tech schools through which you can get experience and guidance.

Alberta has a couple of good nail schools and we’ve listed them below.

Alberta Academy of Aesthetics – 1041 8882 170 Street Edmonton, AB T5T 3J7 – AAA is located in the massive West Edmonton Mall. You’ll be able to take care of all your shopping needs without having to do lots of extra travel after class! Seriously, Alberta Academy of Aesthetics offers a 10.5 month training program for esthetics but you to become a nail tech you will need to do only 7 weeks of training. Or is it 3 days? It is not clear from the website as on the same page it states both weeks and three days.

Give them a call to figure out what’s going on — it is confusing. After all they are not professional writers, and beauty professionals are not known for their logical, clear thinking.

Academy of Professional Hair Design Ltd. – Red Deer, AB. As of 2021 this school is known as Delmar College in Red Deer and Calgary. They have a wide variety of beauty programs including barbering, esthetician, lash extensions, makeup, and of course nail tech. The manicure/nail tech program is 336 hours and is licensed by the Private Career Colleges branch of Alberta Advanced Education. This makes it possible for prospective students to get student aid. The program is comprehensive and covers various topics such as infection prevention, tip application, backfills, nail diseases and a whole lot more.

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