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The outdoorsy folk of Montana may not care much about the health of their hands, but if you’re looking to become a nail tech, chances are, you do! The right career path could be as simple as choosing one of Montana’s fantastic beauty schools.

A career in beauty lets you use your creativity, and meet people from all walks of life. If this sounds appealing to you, read on to learn how to get your license, and become a manicurist in Montana!

Nail Tech Training Requirements in MT

Nail technology education programs require at least 350 hours of training to be eligible for licensing. This is short program compared to full cosmetology, so you shouldn’t need financing but if you do check out this page. Beauty school is a great opportunity to learn many skills, including manicure and pedicures, applying acrylics, electric nail filing, salon management, and other classes. Use our app to find schools closest to you:

Licensing Procedure for Nail Students in Montana

To take licensing exams you need to be 18 years old and have a high school diploma. If you are and are attending a registered program your school will apply on your behalf. However, you will be required to submit the application fee. You should hear back about your eligibility to take exams in about ten days. Montana uses the NIC exams, in this case the National Nail Technology Examination. You will be given information on where and how to take your exams once you’ve been approved.

You must pass both the theory and practical exams. You must receive at least a 75% on both exams to pass.


If you are currently working in another state, and hold a manicurist license there, you may still be eligible for a Montana license by endorsement. You must submit the license by endorsement application to the board, and provide your license history. Your current license must be active and in good standing.

If your home state uses the NIC exam, you may be eligible for endorsement. If not, then you may be required to make up those hours at a Montana institution, or through work experience hours.


You must renew your nail technician license every two years. No continuing education is required. It will help your career to stay on top of the latest salon and business practices. So regularly updating your knowledge of technologies and techniques used in the industry is a good idea. Date of renewal is March 1st.

Nail Tech Jobs in MT

Montana has many working opportunities in their beauty industry, and work as a manicurist is no different.

Whether you choose to work at one of Montana’s popular salons or spas, or you’re more interested in starting your own business, the right foundation is key.

Check with your school for that first job opportunity. Also be open to the flexibility of renting a chair in an established salon when you are start out. Soon, you’ll have all the experience you need to build your business!

The supplies you’ll need — including tools and equipment — in order to do your nail training.

Montana Nail Technician Schools

The Nail Institute – Billings

Bold Beauty Academy Billings

Creviers School of Cosmetology Kalispell

Montana Beauty College Miles City

Montana Academy of Salons Great Falls

Other MT schools for cosmetologists, estheticians, barbers.

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