Arizona is a great place to work, especially in the beauty industry. If you are interested in getting your feet wet in a fun career, obtaining a nail technicians license allows you to socialize with all kinds of people.

There are several schools (and possibly some online nail programs) that offer programs to become a licensed nail technician. And Arizona’s growing economy is the perfect place to set up shop!

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Education Requirements at Nail Tech Schools in Arizona

To start a nail program, you must have at least a tenth grade education.

Nail technician programs cover courses in cutting, polishing, and cleansing nails. They also may cover massage of hands and feet, and courses in anatomy and sanitation.

A manicurist program usually takes about 4 t0 6 months to complete. It includes at least 500 hours of training in an approved program at a beauty school or college. 500 hours is similar to the number of hours required by other states such as California.

Once you’ve completed your hours submit proof of education to the AZ State Cosmetology Board so you can take your exams.

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Getting Your Arizona Manicurist License

In order to get a nail technician license, you will need to pass the theory and practical exams. Once you’ve submitted proof of your education, you can apply to take your exams. You must attend the first practical examination available in your area.

Once you have received an authorization-to-test form submit it in order to schedule your theory exam. Once you have passed both exams, the testing committee will electronically notify the Board, and your license will be issued.


In order to change your license to Arizona from another state, you must provide proof of your education, proof that you have graduated from a registered program, and proof of a current license in good standing.

If the program in your home state has a lowered education requirement, you may be allowed to make it up in work experience. Failing that, you may be required to take the NIC exams, and familiarize yourself with Arizona state laws pertaining to manicurists.

How To Renew Your Arizona Nail License

Your license will need to be renewed every year on your birthday. You need to pay a fee and submit the renewal application, but there are no AZ nail continuing education requirements as of 2021.

However, working as a nail technician requires knowledge of business, customer service, and hygiene. Continuing your education and keeping up with the latest styles can help you grow your profile and your business.

Career Opportunities for Nail Technologists in AZ

Arizona has one of the fastest growing economies in the US. There are many, many salons and spas to choose from when you’re looking to begin a career as a nail technician.

You may choose to work as an employee in a salon, or spa, or to begin your career out of your home. Check out for the newest job offers for nail pros in Arizona, and start your career off right!

Take a look at our student supplies page to get an idea of the tools, equipment and supplies you’ll need to start your studies.

Some Nail Schools Located in Arizona

Coming Attractions Beauty Academy – Kingman

Modern Techniques Beauty College – Lake Havasu City

Arizona Academy of Beauty – Tucson

Other Arizona schools for makeup artists, estheticians, cosmetologists and barbers.

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