Work as a nail technician can offer you a variety of experience, skills, and even help you meet new people. Building a client base relies on your ability to be personable, make clients comfortable, and get creative. If these sound like traits you’d love to develop, becoming a nail technician may be the right path for you.

To start with, you need to find the right Maine beauty school (or online nail tech course), to help you hone your craft.

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Classes & Hours Required At Maine Nail Technician Schools

To become a licensed manicurist in Maine, you need to start with a nail technician school or cosmetology program. The minimum required hours should be at least 200 hours of study, and the course itself needs to last at least 5 weeks to be up to standard.

You will attend a variety of classes, including classes on anatomy and physiology of nails, bacteriology, manicuring, artificial nails, and other courses.

If you choose to skip the formal education process, you may participate in an apprenticeship programme. A licensed nail technician must be willing to document and supervise your training for the board. You will need to be apprenticed for at least 400 hours to qualify for your exams.

Your Maine Nail Tech License

To get your license, you will need to pass two exams. The NIC written exam, and the Main Practical Exam. To qualify for your license, you will need a score of at least 75% or higher on both exams. You will also need to apply within one year of taking your exam, to avoid having to retake them.

Out-Of-State Applicants

To update your current license to a Maine license so you can work as a manicurist in main, you will need to prove that you have met Maine’s educational requirements.

You can do this by examination, taking an exam to prove your education level and experience, or by endorsement. You do this by proving that you have previously held a license in a different state.

You’ll also need to provide proof of age, since you’ll need to be 17 or older, and have completed at least a tenth grade education. You’ll need to provide proof of your passing exam scores, and proof of any licensed work experience.

Renew Your ME Nail Tech License

The Maine board of cosmetologists requires you to renew your license every year, by October 31st. You will need to submit the application online with the renewal fee payment. No continuing education hours are needed, unless you are licensed as a nail technician instructor at a registered school.

Job Search For Maine Nail Techs

You can work everywhere from hotels, spas, salons and department stores.

The best salaried nail tech jobs are found in medical offices, such as working as a hand massager, or clearing up skin and nail problems relating to health.

For a good idea of your job prospects, try websites like, and start your career off right!

Also take a look at the 28 things you’ll need — including tools and equipment — in order to do your nail training.

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