Important information about barber schools.

Are you an outgoing person and a good talker? Do you enjoy grooming and looking your best? And finally, are you all right with spending a lot of time on your feet while working? If you say “yes” to those three then you could be a good barber. New Hampshire is also one of the states with the least intensive training requirements so it is less expensive and time consuming to go to school.

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What Are New Hampshire’s Training Requirements For Barbers

The schools that you may attend in NH will all have you doing 800 hours of classes in order to qualify for licensing exams. Those hours will be divided between theory and practice with the emphasis on practice. Many states require a lot more hours like CA and MI. NY, though, has the shortest programs. Find the college closest to you using your ZIP in our app below:

You also have the option to do an apprenticeship. Learning “on the job” is a great way to be fully prepared for your profession in a real world setting. Though there are huge advantages to this style of learning it does take longer.

A barber’s apprenticeship in NH takes twice as long as school: 1600 hours. Whichever path you choose you will learn the same things like hair cutting shaving, care and maintenance of barber equipment, hair straightening, coloring and so on. You will also need to pass the same exams and get the same license no matter what your training style.

Barber Schools in New Hampshire

New England School of Barbering – 21 Village Street, Concord, NH 03303

Empire Beauty Barber School – Hookset, Dover, Laconia, Rochester, Somersworth

Michael’s School of Hair Design & Esthetics – 79-6 South River Road, Bedford, NH 03110

NH Barber’s Licensing Procedure

After you’ve graduated from school you’ll still have to pass three exams with a score of 75% or better in order to get licensed.

The three exams are a written/theory, practical, and state laws. You should be well -prepared for all three by the time you’ve finished your program. You’ll need to apply for the exams according to the state board’s guidelines.

Once you’ve passed all the exams the NH state board will review your results and send you your new license. License renewal happens every two years at which time you are required to submit some documentation and a fee. You won’t, however, need to do any refresher course unless you are a barber instructor.

Work As A Barber in New Hampshire

Barbering is a solid career with a mid-range salary. People regularly want their hair cut so there’s no lack of customers as long as there aren’t too many barbers. In fact there profession is forecast to grow in the next few years.

You can look for work online, but the best way to get a job is usually with the help of personal and school contacts. And if you are ready to open your own shop at some point the process of getting permission from the state government is fairly easy.

Other NH schools for cosmetologists, estheticians, nail techs.

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