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Are you looking to become a barber in the state of Michigan? There are a couple of high-quality barber colleges in Michigan and it is home to several high-end barbershops that will allow a dedicated barber to use their creativity and people skills to make an excellent living. If you want to be an in-demand barber, be in control of your earnings and possibly be your own boss, then a formal education is an important first step in your career. Enter your ZIP below to see what’s available and come to an informed decision about where you’d like to study in MI to become a professional barber.

The state of Michigan requires that you are trained and graduate from a barber college. Barbers must complete 1800 hours of specialized courses, including theory and practical experience. Theory classes include such topics as the history of barbering, safety and sanitation, business management, and laws, rules, and regulations. Theory and practical experience must add up to a total of 1800 hours of training.

In Michigan, you can even become licensed as a student barber as long as you have completed the 10th grade and have good moral character. As a student barber, you may perform services under the supervision of a licensed instructor. However, this license lasts for two years, and may only be renewed for one year.

The next step is applying for your barber license with the Michigan Board of Barbering. Register with the Michigan licensing system by completing the application through MyLicense and following the instructions. After you are registered, you will need to submit an application with PSI, the testing vendor used by the Michigan Board. Candidates must pass two portions of the licensing exam: theory and practical. The theory exam is 100 questions and will cover topics such as general concepts, chemical services, and haircutting and styling. The practical exam uses a live model to demonstrate competency in certain tasks, such as shampoo services, facial services, and permanent waxing services. Once you have passed both portions with a 75% or better you will receive your Michigan barber license.

Start your career as a licensed barber and use your skills to be in charge of your salary and possibly own your own shop. Get started with a formal barber education and become licensed in Michigan.

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School Listings

M J Murphy Beauty College – Mt Pleasant

Michigan Barber School – Detroit

Kalamazoo, Mi
Kalamazoo, Mi – Public Domain

Metro Detroit Barber College – Detroit

West Michigan College of Barbering and Beauty – Kalamazoo

MI barber board.

Barbering in the US – Schools by State

Barber Instruction Schools in Canada


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