Information you should know before you apply to a barber school.

New Brunswick has a few good schools where you can study to be a barber. Browse online using the links below to compare academies and decide where you’d like to train to be a NB professional barber.

What Is The Process To Become A Barber?

First you’ll have to find a New Brunswick Barber school that has a two-year course. The program will need to include the following:

  • basic haircuting
  • chemical services
  • barber science
  • workplace communication
  • barber shop management
  • basic facials
  • New Brunswick board exam prep
  • … much more!

After you’ve completed the course you’ll need to take the board exams. Included in the final term’s course is a work co-op where you’ll be placed in an actual barber shop. This will take place over fifteen weeks with ten hours per week. That doesn’t mean you can’t do extra hours, but 150 hours is the minimum.

The reason you need to do a co-op job placement is to show that your skills are good enough to be a professional barber. You’ll experience interactions with real customers and be under the pressures of a working environment.


Of course, you can always opt for apprenticeship rather than school. You will still need to learn everything that a student at school will learn, only from a master barber instead of an instructor. Examination will also be the same, as is the licensing procedure.

Take a look at our tools page to see what kind of stuff you’ll need to be a barber student.

Eastern College – Fredericton, St. John

Currently (2021) there are more barber schools planned in New Brunswick but they are not open yet.

Did we miss any barber schools in NB? Please contact us to let us know.

Map of New Brunswick for barber school location
Eastern College Barber School is located in St. John and Fredericton. Here’s the latest on the course you’ll need to take.

Barbering in the US – Schools by State

Barber Instruction Schools in Canada


  1. Hi, I’m currently a barber in Ontario and a registered hairstyling apprentice.

    I was wondering if there are any options for short programs in Ontario to gain credibility, or even online sanitization courses?
    Any help is appreciated.


    • Hi Ryan, We are not aware of any courses at this time. It might be a good idea to contact schools directly. Best of luck!

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