Becoming a barber in Missouri is a multi-step process that requires the prospective student to first go to one of the many schools that can provide the necessary training. There are a number of schools approved by the state board. Find one near you by inputting your ZIP below:

How Long Will It Take?

Once you’ve decided to become a barber this is often the first question you will ask! That and how much is it? The answer is 1,000 hours at a school or 2,000 hours if you take the apprenticeship route. Both options have their advantages. If you go to school it will obviously take less time whether doing night classes or day classes. If you do a barber’s apprenticeship it will take less money.

In the end though you should learn the same skills in either environment. Though it must be said that the on-the-job training aspect of apprenticeship can make it much easier to transition to an actual job.

Some things will learn include: anatomy, haircutting, styling, and coloring, shaving, safety practices, chemistry, skin diseases and conditions and a whole lot more.

The Exams

After you have graduated from school you will still need to take two exams to qualify for your license. You’ll need to apply to take the examination and then set a date to do it. There are frequent opportunities to take the tests at different locations throughout Missouri.

Your knowledge will be tested during the theoretical part of the exam and your skills will be tested during the practical. There should be no surprises for you as long as you have completed your training to your instructor’s satisfaction.

Job Search & Renewal

Once you’ve passed the exams you will get your license and can start working. Your license will, however, need to be renewed every two years. This is easy to and doesn’t require any extra training, but does require a small fee.

Finding barber work in Missouri is not too difficult as barber’s are in demand. Should you need more help you can contact your school for help in getting employment or check out one of the MO jod search sites such as

If you decide to open your own salon you will need to do a lot more paperwork (such as this) before you start up, but nothing that should stand in your way if your passion is to be an barbershop entrepreneur.

Take a look at our tools page to see what kind of stuff you’ll need to be a barber student.

Barber Schools in Missouri with Tuition Costs

NameAddressCostOther Programs
Academy of Hair Design1834 South Glenstone Avenue, Springfield, 65804Tuition: $11,900
Kit/Books: $1,500
Registration Fee: $100
Total: $13,500
Cosmetology, Esthetic, Manicuring
Ea La Mar's Cosmetology & Barber College1220 Brooklyn Avenue, Kansas City, 64127UnknownAdvanced Business (Included in Cosmetology, Hairstyling, and Barber Hairstyling), Hairstyling, Basic Cosmetology,
eClips School of Cosmetology and Barbering52 South Plaza Way,
Cape Girardeau, 63701
Transformed Barber and Cosmetology Academy1229 East 63rd Str.
Kansas City 64110
$20,250 for tuition and fees
$950 for books and supplies
Cosmetology, Nails
Klassic Transformations Barber Academy294 Southwest Blue Parkway, Lees Summit 64063Tuition $6200
Registration & Barber kit
Barber Crossover
Sam Brown's Cosmetology and Barber InstituteBroadway Center 1729 West Broadway No. 5, Columbia 65203$100.00 Textbooks
$280.00 Uniform/Matrix Program
Tuition $3,000.00
Supplies and Kit $1,500.00

Antonio’s Barber College – St. Louis

Leonard’s Barber College – St. Louis

Metro Barber College – Kansas City

St Charles Barber College – St. Charles

Missouri School of Barbering – Florissant

Also MO schools for cosmetology, nails, estheticians, & makeup.

Did we miss any barber schools in Missouri? Please contact us to let us know.