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There are plenty of good reasons to become a barber in Mississippi, not the least of which is the number of good schools to choose from. Unlike in the past you now need a bigger skill set to be successful in the trade. In fact, you must have a big skill set as the Mississippi regulating board requires you to have a thorough understanding of more than just hair cutting and shaving. Check below for the ins and outs of getting licensed.

Jackson, Mississippi
Jackson, Mississippi

How Long Is The Training for Barbers in Mississippi & What Will You Learn?

It will take you 1,500 hours either part time during evenings and weekends or full time. That amounts to nearly a year of classes full-time before you can graduate. Whatever way you choose you’ll learn the same things: cutting and shaving of course, but also sanitation, keeping your client safe from infection, business practices, customer service principles, anatomy classes, barber equipment use and maintenance, and more.

Licensing Procedure for Barbers in Mississippi

MS is similar to many states in that to get licensed you need to pass two exams: a written and a practical. Your school or college will have prepared you well for both as there should be nothing in the tests that hasn’t been covered in the curriculum.

That said, it is always a good idea to get the low-down from already-licensed barbers or your instructors about what will likely be covered, and how the tests are administered.


Once you’ve got your license you’ll need to renew it every year. This is easily done via a form and fee. There are no continuing education requirements at present.

Barber Schools in Mississippi With Costs & Length

CNK Barber College1705 S Gloster Street H, Tupelo, MS 38801$11,550 everything included
Mississippi Barber Academy5420 Interstate 55 North Frontage Road, Jackson, MS 39211$14,200 tuition & fees
Chris' Beauty College1265 Pass Road, Gulfport, MS 39501$13,500 for everything!
Traxler's School of Hair2529, 2845 Suncrest Drive, Jackson, MS 39212$9,700 all inclusive

Mississippi Barber Jobs

Nationwide barbering is a growing profession, and MS participates in that trend. There are actually a lot of options for a someone new to the trade.

For instance, you could simply find work in an already existing shop and gradually build a loyal clientele. This option gives you a steady income/salary and less stress at the end of the day.

You could also open you’re own shop. There is nothing like being your own boss! The drawback of this route is the increase responsibility, especially if you start hiring employees and the resultant stress.

Other MS schools for cosmetologists, estheticians, nail techs and makeup artists.

School Websites:
CNK Barber College (PDF) – Tupelo
Foster’s Cosmetology and Barbering College – Ripley
Hinds Community College – Raymond