Barbering isn’t what it used to be. In Massachusetts in the past you could set up shop without any training or schooling. As long as you did a good job with your scissors and comb you were in. Nowadays a barber is called on to do much more than cutting and shaving. Read on to find out about becoming a licensed barber in MA.

Memorial statue on Taunton Green
Memorial statue on Taunton Green

How Long Do Barber Schools Require You To Take Classes in Massachusetts?

It varies from state to state with California, for instance, having a 1,500 hour requirement and NY having no set number of hours at all — as long as you can pass the exams. MA is somewhere in the middle with a 1,000 hour requirement. Find a school near you using our app below:

Any educational institute will have you learning history, hair cutting and styling, shaving, head and neck anatomy, customer service, care of implements and a lot more. If you can only study part-time you should be able to find a college that offers evening or weekend barber classes.

Massachusetts Barber License Procedure

Once you complete all the coursework you’ll then start the two-phase process of getting licensed as a master barber as stipulated by the MA Barber Board.

The first part of this process getting approved as an apprentice barber. To this you’ll need to apply for the license and take exams. The exams for an apprentice barber consists of the following, and you’ll need at least 70% to pass each:

  1. The written exam with questions on topics such as history, laws, cutting and styling, safety and so on.
  2. A practical exam focusing on skills in shaving, disinfection, haircutting, etc.

Once you’ve passed those you’ll get a license to work under the care of a master barber for a year and a half. At that time you’ll be ready for the final exams before you can work on your own unsupervised.

The master barber exams are similar to the earlier ones – there is a written and a practical – but more demanding of your knowledge and skill. If you’ve applied yourself while in school to your instructors satisfaction you should do well both as an apprentice and master barber.

Once you have your license you are ready to work! Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to renew (for a fee) every two years.

Barber Jobs in MA

After you graduated school and gone through the lengthy licensing procedure you will be one of the best prepared new master barbers in the country! No kidding! There are very few other locales that have such thorough training requirements.

NY doesn’t even have a set number of hours of schooling required and California has no two-tiered licensing system. For this reason you will be highly employable in many different states — not just Massachusetts and should be able to fetch a good salary and start a stellar career! Check MA job boards at

Some Massachusetts Barber Schools: Costs Compared

Name Address Costs: Tuition + Fees
Massachusetts School of Barbering58 Ross Way, Quincy, MA 02169$14,400 inc. tuition, books, and tools
Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy44 Sewall Street, Ludlow, MA 01056$14,000 tuition and fees
$1,800 books and supplies
Rob Roy Academy251 Main Street, Woonsocket, RI 02895$16,400 all included
Alexander Academy55 Massachusetts Avenue, Lunenburg, MA 01462$16,400 everything included
New England Hair Academy110 Florence Street #203, Malden, MA 02148$13,500 for tuition and fees
$900 book, etc

Other Massachusetts colleges for cosmetologists, estheticians, nail techs and makeup artists.

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