Barbering isn’t what it used to be in Idaho. In fact, it has improved! In the past anyone could become a barber without a license or any education. Nowadays most states require a rigorous training at barber schools before even attempting the exams. This means better results for customers and confident professional barbers as well.

Find out about the process of becoming a barber in Idaho and the steps it takes you to get there from rank novice to skilled professional. If you just want to take a few classes but not become a professional go here. Also see our list of schools below.

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How Long Does Idaho Barber Training Take?

In Idaho you have a choice about what level of training you get as a barber. If you want to be a more traditional barber who mostly cuts hair and does shaves then you are looking at 900 hours. If, however you would like to do chemical colouring, waving and relaxing then you will need to do 1800 hours and become what is called a “barber-stylist“.

Schools will offer you the choice to do one or the other… find one nearby using our app below:

A barber’s education includes hair cutting and shaving for sure, but now it also includes a fair amount of theory. In addition to cutting and styling and more practical knowledge there will also be book-learning on anatomy, infection and diseases, safety and so on. The apprenticeship option isn’t available in ID.

License and Exams

In Idaho you’ll need to take a two-hour practical exam (3 hours if you are testing as a barber-stylist), and a one-and-a-half hour written exam. Both tests must be passed with a score of 75% or more.

Once you’ve passed the exams you’ll need to apply for the license as it is not automatically given to you.

You’ll need to provide proof of identity, barber school transcripts, proof you passed the exams, and a fee. Once you’ve mailed the state board all the required documents and they are satisfied with them you will receive you license whether it is as a barber or barber-stylist.

Out-of-sate Applicants

Many states have a reciprocity agreement with Idaho so you can get licensed without going through barber’s training in an Idaho school again.

If you have similar training in another state or have worked as a barber for at least three years you can apply for a license. Contact the state board to initiate the licensing process.

License Renewal

Many states require you to renew your license only every other year. In Idaho, however, you’ll need to apply for renewal each and every year. Don’t worry though, it is a very strait forward process that can be done online for a fee. As of now there is no continuing education requirement either.

Employment As An Idaho Barber

A salary of around $29,000 is a good average for an Idaho barber though you may get a little less if you are just starting out. Job hunting can be done with the help of your school or online.

Eventually you may want to open your own salon/shop in which case you’ll need to get properly licensed. Entrepreneurship is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is great to be your own boss!

Take a look at our barber tools page to see what kind of implements you’ll need to be a barber student.

List of Schools

Boise Barber College – Boise

Paul Mitchell School – Rexburg, Boise, Nampa

Did we miss any colleges for barbering in Idaho? Please contact us to let us know.

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