There is a misconception that a beauty professional must only be skilled at cutting hair, and understanding makeup. But the truth is, there’s so much more. Having a positive attitude, a willing ear, and great business sense is essential to growing your business and skills as a cosmetologist.

In Idaho, your journey to making others look and feel their absolute best, begins with finding just the right schools for your training. And as it turns out, Boise and Idaho have good options.

Rexburg, ID at dusk
Rexburg, ID at dusk

How Many Hours Training Do You Need At Beauty Schools in Boise, Idaho?

Idaho has great education and training for anyone who is passionate about the beauty industry. To be certified as a beautician or cosmetologist in any Idaho city, you will need to complete a course that includes at least 2000 hours of study and practice (that’s some fo the longest schooling requirements in the country, so it’s possible you may need financial help) in everything from skin care, to hair styling, to anatomy and business. The different topics are so you can give your future clients the best possible care, as well as grow your business prospects.

License Procedure

Once your schooling hours are completed, the state board requires you to finish two exams to qualify for your license. The first is the written exam, which is an hour long. The practical is three hours, and involves testing your performance on a mannequin, for hair cut and colouring, sanitation, and other basic treatments and skills you will have learned in your course.

Out-Of-State Licensees

If you have a license in another state, and you are looking to transfer it to Idaho, you may apply by endorsement. If your current license and education did not meet Idaho’s education standard, you may still qualify if you have held a valid license for three years of the last five.

Keeping Up-To-Date

You must apply for renewal each year. You are due for renewal 6 weeks from your license issue date. You can pay the fee, and apply online or by mail. There are no continuing education requirements to renew.

Begin Your Career

Idaho has plenty to offer a budding beautician. Salons, spas, nail salons, and high end fashion makeup counters offer great places to hone your skills.

If you choose to specialize in school or when you graduate, there is no shortage of paths to take.

Estimates by the Board of Labour promise an increase of available beautician and hair stylist jobs in Idaho.

You may choose a job after an internship at your chosen school, or by checking online.

Also, did you know you can get an early start in your beauty training… at high school?

Milan Institute of Cosmetology – Nampa

Paul Mitchell The School Rexburg – Rexburg

Toni and Guy Hairdressing Academy – Coeur d’Alene

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