Barbering is an ancient profession that involves not just cutting and caring for men’s hair, but also caring for facial hair and skin with a variety of tools and products.

Though in the past apprenticeship was the way to go to get into the field now schools are more common and a great way to get started in British Columbia.

Barbers are a profession that has always been needed and shows all signs of being necessary in the future, too. As long as hair grows it’ll need to be tended to.

Finding the right training as a barber is vital if you want to become a professional. In British Columbia, barbering is not regulated, but there are certification exams you can take through The British Columbia Barber’s Association, or the BCBA, that prove you know what you’re talking about.

English Bay, Vancouver, BC
English Bay, Vancouver, BC- by Dimbeko

Whether you attend cosmetology school or opt for an apprenticeship, you must be able to provide some paperwork to prove your hours of training. You’ll need 400 hours of school training, 1000 apprenticeship hours, or a combination of the two in order to be able to apply for the exam with The British Columbia Barber’s Association.

Taking the certification test through the BCBA is not required in order to become a barber, but it shows that you have taken your training as a barber seriously and that you have mastered what it takes to become a barber. In some municipalities, a barber certification from The British Columbia Barber’s Association is required in order to obtain business licensing or to work within that area.

You do not have to be a member of The British Columbia Barber’s Association in order to take the test, but you’ll pay more for the exam if you aren’t a member. Your annual membership in the BCBA is voluntary, but it lists you as a member of the registry, which can be helpful when starting your new business as a barber. You’ll also have access to safety and health information as well as other educational opportunities.

BarberSafe certification is a separate test that is valid for three years once you pass the exam. This test is separate from other certification with the BCBA and ensures that you understand health risks and safety precautions as a barber. You’ll need to renew your certification in BarberSafe because health knowledge is ever-changing and having this updated certification shows your continued commitment to your craft.

Barber Schools in British Columbia with Costs

NameAddressCostOther Programs
Gibson’s Barbershop & School105-2355 Millstream Road, Victoria, V9B 3R5Tuition: $7,000
Barber Kit: $1,200
Application Fee: $250
London School114 W Hastings Street, Vancouver, V6B 1G8Course fees: $8600
Hair Styling, Nail Artistry
JD's Barbershop235 Abbott Street, Vancouver, V6B 2K7Clippers/Fade Workshop: $350
Scissors Workshop: $350
Facial Hair Workshop: $350
Barber & Co2808 Main Street, Vancouver, V5T 2G9Tuition: $6,000
Books, kits and other fees: $500
Mr. Barber School101, 10526 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton AB, T5J 1Z7Straight Razor Shave: $350
Fade Fundamentals: $250
Shaves & Fades: $500
Barber Bootcamp: $895
The Barber Program: $3,250
John Casablancas Institute220 Cambie Suite Number 150, Vancouver, V6B 2M9Tuition: $9,500
Kit and Texbook Fees: $1,827
Fashion Business, Fashion Design, Makeup Artistry, Fashion + Beauty Makeup, Body Spa Esthetics, Hair Art Design

Other British Columbia schools for nail technicians, massage, estheticians, cosmetologists and makeup artists.

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British Columbia is a beautiful place to study barbering
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