Information you should know before you apply to a barber school.

Ohio has a number of good schools to do your barber training.

In order to become a licensed barber in Ohio, your first step is to graduate from a barber training program. The state board mandates that programs like this provide at least 1800 hours of training that is practical, theoretical, and scientific in nature. This includes training regarding subjects such as bacteriology/hygiene, facial treatments, barbering laws, hairpieces, tinting, bleaching, shop management, etc.

Before you can apply for a license, you must first complete the required 1800 hours of training. Even after you complete this training, you always have the option of returning to school to obtain additional training if you wish to do so, as this is something that will always give extra value to your clients. Enter your ZIP below to see what’s available and come to an informed decision about where you’d like to study to become a professional OH barber.

After graduating from an accredited school, you will receive the Ohio State Application for Examination and Licensure. This is something that will allow you to not only take all of the necessary licensing exams, but it will also include application to the state board for your license once you complete and pass the exams. When you submit the application, you will also need to pay a $120 fee (current as of 2016-2017). As soon as your application is received the state board will let you know of the location, time, and date of your exam. It’s also important to note that you will take this exam according to the state board’s exam schedule.

The exam is consisted of both a written and practical exam. The written exam focuses on everything that you learned in barber school, such as hair/scalp disorders, hair cutting/styling, and more. The practical exam will grade you on your ability to perform services such as haircuts, shampoos, professional shaves, and more.

Your license expires on August 31st of even-numbered years. You will be provided with a renewal form by mail which you must submit along with a $110 fee. Best of luck with your barbering career!

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List of Schools

Cincinnati School of Barbering and Hair Design – Cincinnati

Raphael’s Barber Academy – Niles

The Hair Experts Barber School – Canal Winchester

Ron West Barber College – Dayton

Toledo Public Schools – Toledo

OH barber board and its newsletter.

Columbus, OH panorama
Columbus, OH panorama

Barbering in the US – Schools by State

Barber Instruction Schools in Canada


Akron Barber College – Akron

Allstate Hairstyling and Barber College – Cleveland

Beyond Expectations Barber College – Akron

Dayton Barber College – Dayton

Flawless Barber Academy – Cleveland

Labarberia Institute of Hair – Cleveland

****Ohio State College of Barber – Columbus

Ron West Barber College – Dayton

The Hone Barber College – Maple Heights

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