DC and Delaware have unique licensing and barber schools. Because Washington, DC is so small in area it doesn’t have many programs for barber training. But have no fear! Next door in Delaware there are a number of good programs you can attend to get the education you require and you’ll be able to satisfy DC’s licensing requirements as well.

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Barber Schools in DC: Requirements and Classes

It is no longer like the old days when you could put up your shingle and start barbering without any oversight. Most states require you to put in almost a year of full-time training some of which can be done at night school if necessary. DC is no exception in that 1,500 hours (500 if you have a cosmetology license already) are required before you can even consider taking licensing exams. Find a school near you wit hour app below:

Classes, too, involve more than cutting hair and shaving. You’ll also learn things like:

  • State laws
  • Safety
  • Barber shop management
  • Care of tools
  • Hair styling and colouring
  • … and lots more

Obviously there will be lots of hands-on training as well such that you will be ready for exams and, more importantly, clients!

Another way to get the barber’s skillset is DC is through apprenticeship. Check with the state board if you’d like to pursue that option. Please be aware that generally barber apprenticeship takes a lot longer than barbering school.

Barber’s Exams & License for the District of Columbia

So, after you have completed all your training you’ll still need to pass exams in order to get licensed.

The first thing you need to do to complete the licensing process is get a time for your exams and fill out your license application (there is a fee!).

Next you actually take the exams.

The theory exam focuses on concepts, laws, and knowledge of barbering. The practical will, of course, focus on skills you’ve learned.

There will be nothing you don’t already know in either of the exams, so if you have done well in school you should do well in the tests.

DC License Renewal For Barbers

You’ll need to renew your certification every two years. The state board will let you know when your time is up!

In DC it is not just a matter of paying a fee and getting a new license, you also have to do some continuing education hours.

DC Barber Jobs

There are some really good career options for barbers. You can work for a salon. You can open your own business. You can even improve your salary by becoming an instructor.

DC barbers can expect to earn in the $45K range. You can look for work online or through contacts.

Barbering Schools in DC including tuition

Name Address Tuition
Academy of Professional Barber-Stylists2401 Blueridge Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20902$7,300 all included
Hair Design II3705 Branch Avenue, Hillcrest Heights, MD 20748contact school
Bladensburg Barber School4810 Annapolis Rd
Bladensburg, MD 20710
$7,900 tuition and fees
Bennett Institute700 Monroe Street NorthEast
Washington, DC 20017
$17,000 tuition and fees
Aveda Institute713 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001n/a

Did we miss any barber schools in DC? Please contact us to let us know.

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