Arkansas has barber styles of every variety from simple and quick cut and runs to those that offer a more complete and relaxing service. Both are great and serve their purpose. Whatever your style if you want to work in one of those shops/salons you’ll need to train at one of the many AK schools first.

Yep, you can’t just jump in and start a business without approval from the state first; find out how below…

Hot Springs, AR
Hot Springs, AR- by Rennett Stowe [CC BY 2.0]

How Long Training Will Training at Barber Schools in Arkansas Take?

Every state seems to have different qualifications and length of training. For Arkansas the number of hours required is 1,500.

The training will be the same as elsewhere though. You’ll still need to learn how to cut hair with shears and clippers and use other tools, and how to satisfy different clients with different demands — some will want a buzz cut while others will want just a little off the sides and back.

You’ll need to learn how to spot problems and work safely, as well.

For those that will want to open their own shop at some point some education on the ins and outs of running a business will probably be offered in your college or school. But first you need to know what school you will attend in your area:

Licensing Procedure & Exams

To take the exams necessary to get a license you’ll need to apply for a license. Application is overseen by the state barbering board will include proof of ID as well as proof that you’ve completed your training.

There are two exams: a practical and an oral. In both cases you’ll be tested on things you’ve learned in school, so you should have no problem if your instructors were happy with your progress. It’s always a good idea to get a heads-up on the exams beforehand. For this you can consult your school and other recent licensees.


To keep your license once you’ve got it you’ll need to pay a fee and reapply every two years. But no worries about taking more courses. AK doesn’t require any more training hours. That said, keeping up-to-date with night or weekend courses can sometimes be a good idea.

Finding a Job

To get working you can follow the usual routes like approaching barber shops or looking online. Or you can use you contacts through the school for some help. Your teachers will no doubt be able to give you advice on employment in your area as well as starting salaries and career options.

List of Schools

Eaton Barber Stylist College – Pine Bluff

Arkansas College of Barbering and Hair Design – Little Rock, AR

Washington Barber College – Little Rock, AR

DeSigner Barber & Stylist College – Fort Smith

ABC Barber College – Hot Springs

Hot Springs Beauty College – Hot Springs

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