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Manitoba is a beautiful province with a growing beauty industry. If you’re passionate about a career in beauty, you’ll love getting your license and qualifications in the prairie provinces. Your best chance at a rewarding career is to start with a great beauty school. Though makeup artists don’t require separate licenses, you will definitely benefit from one of Manitoba’s beauty licenses later on in your career. Take a look at your options, and embrace this exciting new field.

If you feel like traveling places like TX and CA in the states have an abundance of programs for estheticians and MUAs.

Training Requirements

Manitoba requires both a study period and then an apprenticeship. There is no specific licence for a makeup artist, but your best option is to choose an esthetics program. IF you really want to study theatrical makeup at school you’ll need to try Ontario or possibly Michigan.

Estheticians focus more on skin care, and therefore you’ll learn the basics of skin treatments and bacteriology, as well as dealing with a multitude of different skin types and complications. You’ll also learn about the chemical makeup of skin and foundations, and basics in colour theory, application, and even laser treatment. You will need to take at least 1060 hours of study for an esthetics program followed by a 4,800 hour apprenticeship program.


Getting your license as a Manitoba esthetician to become a makeup artist takes one of two paths: You may choose to finish a registered program, which will likely offer a written exam. Or you may choose an apprenticeship. In either case, you’ll need to take a practical exam that will cover everything need to work in a salon, or even a medical esthetics office, or film set.

You’ll need to score at least a 70%, and bring your own model and kit. Visit the Manitoba Apprenticeships website for the specific requirements of your model.

Moving From Out-Of-Province?

If you are looking to move provinces, and you currently have an esthetician license, or have qualified through apprenticeship to be a makeup artist in Manitoba, you may want to get Red Seal accreditation. The Red Seal accreditation works to standardize testing and apprenticeships between provinces. If your home province has less strict requirements than Manitoba, Red Seal will ensure that your training is equal to requirements by the Manitoba Apprenticeship board.

Renew Your License

Manitoba requires you to update your license on a yearly basis through the Access Manitoba website. There is a fee required, as well as proof of at least 1,100 hours of on the job and technical training and experience per year. 3,200 hours for trained estheticians.

Working Opportunities

Manitoba has a dedicated apprenticeship board which regulates your work and training hours. It can help you find your first jobs, and understand your rights as a makeup artist, skin care specialist, or generally as a trades person in the province.

That means your work will be regulated, and you can ensure that your early work in a salon, spa, or as a freelance makeup artist for a cosmetic company or department store. However you find your first job, the Manitoba board and can help you.

You can also learn makeup as part of the cosmetology school curriculum.

Other Manitoba schools for nail technicians, estheticians.

Sheriff Professional Academy of Make up Art – Winnipeg

Did we miss any Manitoba makeup training schools? Please contact us to let us know. It is possible to do a course in high school.