New Brunswick is a big province with lots of beautiful wilderness. It may not have as many schools as California, but it has some really good places to train to be an esthetician.

If you have a passion for skin care and helping others, you may want to get in a program and become a professional at it. If so, keep reading below to find courses and requirements in order to practice in NB.

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How Many Hours Does It At Esthetician Schools In New Brunswick To Get Licensed?

The province’s cosmetology association stipulates that an esthetics trainee has to do at least 1300 hours in an approved school with a licensed teacher. The hours will be filled with book learning concerning skin care, makeup, and so on. You’ll also do plenty of hands-on experiential training. Some of the hours are dedicated to actual work on clients.

The various fees that the cosmetology association charges along the way to becoming certified total more than $200. That is in addition to any tuition and supplies that your school will charge. It is not cheap to attend a course and get licensed, but there are often loans and bursaries available to determined students.

Exams and License To Become An Esthetician in NB

As with most beauty exams, there are both practical and written portions. A passing mark is no less than 70% on both. New Brunswick has strict guidelines for all its esthetics candidates; read about them here.

For the practical part of the exam, you’ll perform various procedures such as manicures, makeup applications, eyebrow waxing, and facials. Don’t worry! By the time you get to the exams, you’ll have had plenty of practice. If your instructors have trained you well and are satisfied with your skills, you should do fine.

Transferring From Out-of-province

Professionals from other locales can transfer to NB. You’ll need to fill out an application and include details such as your previous training and proof of employment for at least two years. And, of course, there’s a fee.

License Renewal for New Brunswick Estheticians

License renewal for certified beauty professionals is done yearly and requires payment of a fee, but no continuing education requirement is stipulated.

It’s never a bad idea to keep up-to-date though, and these days you can often do online learning courses for esthetics to brush up on your skills and knowledge. Microblading, though, is not something that can be learned without hands-on experience.

Job Hunting

Getting employed as an esthetician in NB is done through the usual avenues such as online job search, networking, and with some help from your school.

Alternatively, you could start your own business. You’ll need to deal with some more red tape at the Cosmetology Association of NB in order to do so, as well as pay more fees.

Esthetician School Listings in New Brunswick

Medes College – 1040 Champlain Street, Ste. 300, Dieppe

Majestany Institute – 120 Westmorland St., Fredericton

Jon Raymond Institute – 21 Stone Ave., Moncton

Kreative Cosmetology Institute – 628 Main St., Woodstock

Atlantic Hairstyling – 440 Brunswick St., Fredericton

Ally Beauty Academy – 51 Highfield Street, Suite 300, Moncton

Amoura Aesthetics – 205 Edward St., Miramachi

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