Ontario is home to one of Canada’s largest film and movie industries. Therefore, there is lots of interest in beauty and keeping up-to-date with hair (and makeup too for that matter). It’s also one of Canada’s most prosperous provinces meaning there is disposable income for luxury and pampering and frequent visits to a stylist. Ontario is a great place to set up shop as a hairstylist and you are bound to get a solid education with the many good schools throughout the province.

Getting Your Hairstylist Certificate in ON

In Ontario the cosmetology profession is regulated by the Ontario College of Trades. Actually cosmetologists are called hairstylists in Ontario.

To become a licensed/certified hairstylist you need to (it’s compulsory) get a Interprovincial ‘Red Seal’ certificate. This requires you to first become an apprentice. Preparing to become an apprentice can be done through Ontario schools by first getting a diploma then — usually with the schools help — getting a placement with a salon.

So, for instance, if you take a two-year program at Algonquin College you will be prepared to enter the workforce as an apprentice. To complete your apprenticeship you will require 2,000 hours of on-the-job training after graduating from your chosen beauty school or college. At that point you will be ready to prepare to take the licensing exams.

It is a long process but during your time as an apprentice you will be earning a wage and becoming very confident in your skills.

In Ontario you can start the training and certification process in Toronto, Ottawa, Barrie, etc. Get started by going through our list of schools below to find a location and institution that suits you.

… so how much does cosmetology/hair school cost anyway, and how will you pay for it, and generally speaking just how long will the training take?

Academy of Aesthetics – Sudbury

Academy/Academie Inc. – Pembroke

Beauty Design – Windsor

Canadian Aesthetic Academy – Brampton

Ottawa skyline
Ottawa skyline by Óðinn [CC BY-SA 2.5 ca]

Canadian Aesthetic Academy – North York

Canadian Aesthetic Academy – Toronto

Canadian Aesthetic Academy – Mississauga

Cappa School of Professional Hairstyling Inc. – St. Catharines

First Canada Cosmetician & Hair Design Academy – Scarborough

Salon + Spa Career College – Toronto

Vienna Academy of Arts & Sciences – Ottawa

Vienna Academy of Arts & Sciences – Toronto

We also have pages those wishing to find info about nail technicians, estheticians, barbers and makeup artists training in Ontario.

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